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This English name should not be chosen for your child

This English name should not be chosen for your child

William, Matthew, Bonnie, Wendy… these Anglo-Saxon first names are super trendy and we owe it to our English-speaking friends. Names across the channel are a great idea for parents who want to stand out. However, be careful not to fall for ridicule. If some first names are too classy or chic in their original language, they will have a completely different effect when pronounced in French… Before choosing a first name, it is important to check its pronunciation in all languages.

The first name Peter is very common in England

In England and America, the first name Peter is more common. Celebrities like actor Peter Cross or director Peter Jackson wear it, but it's also the first name of two well-known fictional characters: Peter Pan and Peter Parker. There are many tips, but with us, they may not be perceived at first glance. In fact, if a French person were to read the word “Peter” out of context, he would tend to pronounce the last letter “é” like a verb from the first group. So you got it, Peter can also be read as “fart”. It is much less famous and can provoke ridicule, especially among children. If the meaning of this first name is important to you, it also has a French form, which is Pierre.

Etymology and popularity of the first name Peter

Peter is of Greek origin, from “petros”, meaning “stone, rock”. This is a very rare first name in France. In 1985, it peaked with 180 births. Paris is the most frequent (398 births). The name Peter is associated with charm and power. People with this name are idealistic and want to do great things. Peters, on the other hand, may be very proud at first, but deeply shy.

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English First Names to Avoid in French

Peter isn't the only Anglo-Saxon first name, French has a sad fate. Unfortunately, there are many English names that we should avoid giving our children. To name a few: Bill (wire), Penny (penis), Bree (brie), Pete (fart) and Faith (butt). Special mention to a British mother who gave her child a first name whose pronunciation is ridiculous even in her language and country of birth. It's fart, a homophone of the word “fart,” which means… “fart” in English. A name that deserves its place as the worst name ever heard.