May 16, 2022


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According to this English report, the epidemic has created delays in children’s learning

The English Institute of Education has noted a delay in getting some basic things in young children. And it is a contagious disease in question.

An English report, appointed By Ofsted – A government agency that studies and studies academic standards – Creates work 70 Childhood Professionals (We can bring them closer with our babysitters in France) Also the learning difficulties of young children and the delay in acquiring social skills are of great concern.

What are the observed delays?

Report, published by DefenderIndicates an acquisition “Limited Glossary” In the little ones. Has also been recorded “Many children do not really respond to basic facial expressions”.

Difficulties with Language learning and walking Felt.

Amanda Spielman, Chief AnalystOffsteadIn DefenderExplain:

“Children do not have the necessary and basic learning skills needed to be clean, lace up or coat down. ⁇

She worries too Later stages of learning and primary school :

“I am particularly concerned about the slow growth of young children, which, if not noticed, can cause problems. All elementary school learning. ⁇

Thus the situation in the UK is worrisome. But what are the causes and ways to address it?

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What are the causes of these difficulties?

Amanda Spielman mentions Infections and locks Decreased social interaction, which can interfere with some children’s language acquisition, and lack of space and stress can lead to delayed crawling and walking.

The masks that adults wear most of the time have led to less expressions on children’s faces, which has somewhat disrupted their reaction and ability to communicate.

Finally, according to Amanda Spielman Defender As always, these are Children who are already vulnerableThose who live in small spaces and spend more time in front of screens are more prone to the effects of infection.

Therefore, it is appropriate for English health professionals – but not French – to further develop children’s skills. For example “Talk groups” Or even activities that encourage people to express their feelings through cards, as the report points out. This is already done in a lot of nurseries in France.

Of course, some acquisitions, As it happens, it should not be forcedIt is necessary to wait until the baby is ready.

Talking to children, interacting with them, listening to them, if possible, is for parents!

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