March 2, 2024


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At Dangé-Saint-Romain College, students are deprived of English for four months

At Dangé-Saint-Romain College, students are deprived of English for four months

A group of parents from Bellevue College in Dangé-Saint-Romain, Vienna, warned through the press: 5th grade three classes of studentse The institution's English lessons have been clearly withdrawn for four months from September 25.

The teacher resigned on All Saints' Day

According to the families, the English teacher assigned to these three classes at the beginning of the school year was first absent for a month from September 25 before resigning from his position during the October vacation. After that, no substitutes were named and the families were deeply disappointed.

After a warning letter to the rector in mid-December, then “Several call attempts since returning from Christmas vacation”Parents say they were able to contact National Education Services on Thursday 18 January. “They told us that our request is being processed and that it is a priority, but they haven't found anyone yet.”Confirms nesting.

Fix a deadlock

The rectorate, through its communications department, confirmed on Tuesday, January 23, the impasse on the matter: “We understand and listen to the families' concerns. The situation is not ignored by our services, they try to find a solution as quickly as possible. It is not simple. Because in addition to a discipline under pressure in terms of recruitment, we are in a position of shared hours (1), which is more in the rural sector. »

(1) The teacher shared his time at La Roche-Posay College, where the post of English teacher, which had been vacant for more than three months, was now filled.