March 4, 2024


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Are the French bad at English?

Are the French bad at English?

In France there are 15,000 monthly searches for “Hello in English” on Google! A recent study by Preply looked at the most frequently translated words and expressions by French internet users, highlighting a significant interest in basic vocabulary terms. This trend raises questions about the state of French's English and their use of search engines for translations.

The most searched base expressions on Google?

According to'Study According to Prepley, the most frequently searched terms for translation on Google are surprisingly basic. “Hello in English” is the champion with 14,800 monthly searches, challenging the notion that only complex words can pique a user's interest when searching for online translations. While online courses are the best solution, this suggests that search engines are a viable way to improve one's English skills.

What are the most searched days of the week?

Translation searches for days of the week show a significant difference. Searches for “Thursday in English” are six times more than “Monday in English”. This disparity can be linked to spelling issues, with some users using Google not only to translate but also to ensure correct spelling. Thus “Thursday” presents more memory challenges than “Monday”.

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What are the most searched months of the year?

Monthly searches for “month in English” generate nearly 6,600 queries, with a strong preference for March. The reasons for this preference are not clear, but some research suggests that it may be linked to Mars rather than the third month of the year. These results also suggest that Google is working as a spell checker.

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The level of English and the use of Google by the French

Frequent searches for translations for everyday words indicate that many users want to improve their English. Based on a study based on monthly search volumes, Google is widely used for quick translations, with 135,000 queries per month for the search term “translate to English”. However, while these search engines are useful in times of need, they are not a permanent solution to improving language skills.

Improve your English outside of school

Alternatives such as socializing with English speakers, studying in English, listening to podcasts, watching movies in the original version, playing video games in English or taking language trips can be used, the study suggests. The possibilities are varied, and each can choose the one that suits them best to progress through Shakespeare's language.