February 26, 2024


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Stade Toulousein-Bath: Jack (Willis) is great!  How the England international team performed at a high level

Stade Toulousein-Bath: Jack (Willis) is great! How the England international team performed at a high level

The England international third row (age 27; 13 caps) has shone all-round in the ground game, scrambling. This is good for his club as he will be available during the tournament.

Before the man of the match name was displayed on Ernest-Wallen's giant screen, we suspected that he would not appear. As the needy rarely find their place when it comes time to reap the rewards, Jack Willis left the lights on to Emmanuel Meifou, who certainly got the ball in hand and, defensively, produced a new strong effort but conceded three penalties. Too easily (39, 50, 55) does not justify an honorary reward already awarded to him after his major performance at Harlequins. But this is only our analysis…

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Nevertheless, the third row produced a masterful performance, single-handedly reclaiming the role of leader of the Scratchers' delegation with four penalties. Two (2, 9) from the start of the match, before being followed by Matthijs Lebel (25), Dimitri Teleps (30) and Anthony Zelonch (35) during the first act, he added two more to his tally in the second half (58, 75). A symbol of battle intensity maintained throughout the game.

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“He was very good on the field,” praised Thomas Ramos of the Englishman. “Jacques had an incredible match” supported his friend François Krause from the third row, so obviously judged.

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From heart to work

The former Wasps man was not stingy in his efforts in taking the ball to the gain line and harassing him (16, a tournament-best total), not forgetting that he returned to action after spending three months in hospital. Bath safety. “You have to know that he is still coming back from a non-neutral neck operation, a very serious operation,” Ugo Mola was referring to the injury that ended his World Cup prematurely.

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He needs to find his rhythm again, it's been a month since we felt he wasn't too far off, and today (yesterday), against guys he knows mentally, I think he showed his heart.” That's a lot. Heart in a few words but it's undoubtedly his The player should highlight what he has put in the work.

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“It brings a certain character that we don't always have, which is the ability to slow down the opposition's attacking play”, continued Mola, undoubtedly not unhappy, as the competition window opens, which can be counted on in the coming weeks. His Englishman, now unworthy of XV de la Rose.