May 27, 2022


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Business Schools: All courses are taught in English

Although it has been the reference language for a good century, English has become essential in business schools for ten years. Now, most of them offer what is called an “English track”, which means a 100% English version of a program. The masters were initially concerned and traditionally welcomed many foreign students. Today, bachelors willingly engage in it.


“The use of English is paramount in the work world, so it is important to train in line with this demand,” argues Sarah Anne Christophies, director of undergraduate studies at EDC Paris BS. Not all schools approach the subject the same way, but English is interfering everywhere. Read the titles of courses to be trusted: undergraduate big data and management, fashion and luxury, business development or other

Hospitality management has changed their fashion, luxury, sales or hotel ancestry. And this, even if the mentioned programs are given in French.

Offering all courses in English responds to an obvious challenge: giving schools the opportunity to recruit as many young internationals as they want, regardless of their proficiency in the French language. The latter had difficulty understanding what ESC Troys (High Business School) meant, so the company was called Y Schools (pronounced why).

In this desire to open up to new audiences, the Rennes School of Business took a coding step a few years ago: converting all its teaching into English. One way to resolve a debate is to find that 55% of its students are from other countries.


But what about French high school students who have little knowledge of the language? Don’t worry, schools will not be fooled when it comes to your English level, and they all offer language update courses at the beginning of your curriculum, planning your progress over three years. You should still be allowed “All candidates pass the entrance exam, part of which focuses on mastering the English language,” agrees Sarah Anne Christophites. You do not need to have a bilingual or specific score on the Toefl or Toeic exam. Your admission to the English path depends, above all, on its size; In some schools, this is a small class, in others, it is a real promotion. However, if your English does not allow you to integrate it immediately, you can always try your luck in the 2nd year.

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Le Parisien Etudiant – Special “Bachelor (bac + 3)” 2022

What if I take my bachelor’s degree remotely?

The other teaching method practiced in business schools is not about language, but about distance. It has become possible to do your bachelor’s degree entirely online. But for understandable reasons, the device is still reserved for last year.

“We believe a certain personal toughness and maturity are needed to monitor online training,” warns Ridovan Abagri, founder and director of the Digital College, a member school of the College de Paris in the La Defense district.

So these students are not very young graduates, but they represent a wide range of other profiles capable of regulating themselves. They find a way to overcome their obstacles in this distance education.

Who are they? “It could be students who live far away or students who are doing a work-study program in another region, specializing in retraining, or just wanting to add a digital string to their bow,” suggests Ridovan Abagri. These simply could not have been read otherwise.