May 17, 2022


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Celebrated in English, weddings are translated directly

This year, the festivities Marriage at first sight Will take place in Gibraltar. Celebrated in English, the official language of the British Enclave, located in the south of Spain, however, they were translated into French for participants and their families.

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This is a change in the amount of operation Marriage at first sight For its sixth edition. In fact, after five years of good and faithful service, Grans Mayor Yves Vidal has decided to stop hosting the festivities Of the M6 ​​project. Decision taken “Along with production“, Who at least returned to the original goal. Direction Gibraltar, A British overseas territory south of Spain, in order to confuse rivals and surprise the show’s believers. The simplicity of the administrative procedures for getting married there and a choice motivated by the fact that weddings are celebrated there Must be approved in France. One detail may not escape your attention: the ceremony takes place in English, the official language of the region.

A translator for the site

Fortunately, for you, the audience, the civic registrar and the bride talk verses. For newlyweds, they do not have to master Shakespeare’s language at their fingertips because everything is translated into French! “We did not see it in the air, but we had a translator who wrote the whole ceremony for the family and the non-English speaking bride and groom.“, Noted Virginia TheresAt Project Director Studio89, Show production company. “Participants had specific phrases in English that caused some brides and grooms to sweat a lot.“, He mentions with humor.

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Change of country for parties

Wedding ceremonies take place in the Botanical Gardens of Gibraltar.This is an official wedding venue“, Underscores the Virginia chariot. But the garlands and dishes arranged at the end of these”It happened in Spain a few kilometers away“, Refers to the art producer. Participants and production teams have changed countries.”Gibraltar is very small, not big enough to accommodate everyone“, She continues. This is the reason why you see motorway signs marking the cities of Andalusia

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