March 2, 2024


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Chinese C919, Paris-Berlin Night Train, Cover of English EPR… 5 Pics of the Week

Chinese C919, Paris-Berlin Night Train, Cover of English EPR… 5 Pics of the Week

First flight for C919 outside of China

Chinese state-owned Comac’s C919, a medium-haul aircraft that competes with Airbus’ A320neo and Boeing’s 737MAX, made its first flight outside China this week. The plane hasn’t flown far since it landed… in Hong Kong. The C919 made its maiden flight last May. With a range of over 5,500 km, the device has so far ordered 1,061 units.

Paris-Berlin night train service

On Tuesday 12 December, the night train between Paris and Berlin went into service. Operated by the Austrian company ÖBB, it offers six departures a week, from Paris on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and from Berlin on other days, except Sundays. The 14-hour journey is offered in modernized sleeping cars with many comfort options. By 2024, service in both directions should become daily. (Photo: Marek Knapp – OBB)

Tesla presents Optimus Gen 2, its new humanoid robotTesla Robot

A year after the presentation of the first version, Tesla released a video on Wednesday, December 13, where the American company presents a new version of its humanoid robot called Optimus Gen 2. The engine has improved, it weighs 10 kg lighter and can now run 30% faster than its predecessors. Also agile, she can balance herself to do squats and manipulate an egg without breaking it using the sensors on her fingers. Tesla said nothing more, but at the end of his presentation he insisted his robot dance. (Tesla image – capture Network light)

EDF is installing the dome of one of the Hinkley point C reactors

Hinckley Point

This is a symbolic step at the EPR reactor site of the Hinckley Point C project in the United Kingdom. EDF, which is leading the project, released photos on Friday, December 15, of lifting one of the domes planned to protect the installations. This 245-ton part makes it possible to install the reactor in 2024. The total cost of the project is estimated at 25 billion euros, to start in 2027… better. (Photo: EDF)

A rocket engine powered by cow dung

Biomethane rocket

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Japanese start-up Interstellar Technologies managed to ignite a rocket engine powered by biomethane on December 7. The latter is produced by a Japanese company specializing in industrial gases … cow dung from the cattle of two local dairy farmers. In this way, the company wants to contribute to reducing the significant environmental footprint of agriculture. ((Photo: Interstellar Technologies)

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