February 26, 2024


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The French are finally getting a chance to excel in English through this famous teacher’s method

The French are finally getting a chance to excel in English through this famous teacher’s method

“The French are bad at English.” We’ve been hearing this phrase for decades… and not without reason. A study published in 2019 by the Council for the Evaluation of National School Systems (CNESCO) reveals that by the end of secondary school, 75% of students cannot express themselves properly in spoken English. Hence, English teachers are flocking to social media to restore the status of students. This is the case of Steven Huytorial of YouTube channel fame “Huido’s Exercises”, on which he has more than 450,000 subscribers. Having been an English teacher for fifteen years, he created this channel to allow students “To Brush Shakespeare’s Language”. His videos cover different topics: English tenses, expressions and implementation methods in order to progress.

“If students are to be interested in English, they must first understand that it is not a subject like math or FrenchThe professor immediately points out. After all, it is a true means of communication.” According to the 2023 ranking, 1.348 billion people worldwide speak English I am curious, “English is the essential language”, emphasizes Steven Huitorial. According to him, to progress in English, students must first find motivation. “This includes understanding that the language is a cultural bridge between countries and that mastery of English can provide better professional opportunities”Creates a YouTuber.

Also, mastering a modern language “Very important for personal growth”Steven Huitoriel insists. “They say you should do sports to feel good. Yes, you should do sports, but I think reading in English, watching a movie in English, understanding a talk show, having a conversation or listening to a podcast in English brings a lot of satisfaction and well-being.”, he argues. After all, according to him, mastering English allows you to say it “All those years of studying this language have not been in vain.” However, “it doesn’t happen on its own. It takes time and you have to put in some techniques.”Steven Hutorial promises.

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According to the author, the key to mastering Shakespeare’s language as quickly as possible is, “To increase the frequency of your exposure to English”. That is, consuming content in English every day. “Be it videos, series, podcasts… the main thing is that it’s in English. And with English subtitles.”, asserts the professor. How much time should be allocated per day? “Time While You Can”, answering ace of tutorials. The effect won’t be immediate, he warns. “But after three, four months, you’ll see a clear improvement”. FinallyWhen you are comfortable communicating in English, “Don’t be afraid of other people’s eyes, you will win”He concludes.