December 1, 2023


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Computers, work and English: New at Vierzon Colleges

Computers, work and English: New at Vierzon Colleges

Fernand-Léger College

The college’s big innovation (520 students are expected at the start of this school year) is the creation of a computer option, one hour a week, and a third. “The goal is to introduce students to digital languages,” explains principal Alan Kernis. A teacher in digital and computer science (NSI) from Henri-Brisson High School will give lessons with two teachers from Fernand-Léger. Of the fifteen enrolled students, all volunteers, five were women. Additionally, this year, the European Language and Culture (LCE) option will be extended to fifth grade, with one hour per week in English. Fourth and third already benefit from this option, two hours per week.

Edward Wyland College

The Collège Édouard-Vaillant (500 students expected) used the summer to recreate the paintings of the establishment on three levels of corridors. Eric Gerbaud, Principal of Edouard-Wiland College.
The other innovation of the establishment is the continuation of the establishment of the class with organized hours of music (SAM): after the sixth and fifth, the device is extended this year to the fourth, who will be introduced to the music computer aided (MAO). .

Albert Camus College

Albert-Camus College (630 to 635 students) will place particular emphasis on the national “Homework Doon” system this year: “All volunteer students will be included in their schedules this time,” promises Principal Marilyn Levesiel. Marylène Leveziel, Principal of Albert Camus College.
Additionally, in October, college students will discover their renovated gymnasium. Finally, “The principal assures that all fourth-formers will benefit from their stay in London. It is a desire to open up to the world. »

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College of Notre Dame

Notre-Dame Private College (282 students expected, against 260 in 2022-2023) is introducing a Cambridge option in sixth form this year. Students at this level benefit from a total of four hours of English per week. Michael Bredel, president of the College of Notre-Dame.
The aim is to achieve a B2 (advanced) level in English by the end of the third year. “All other students will benefit from four hours a week so as not to exclude those who don’t have a Cambridge option,” promises Michael Bredel, head of the foundation.

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