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How to change Starfield language, make dialogues in English or French?

How to change Starfield language, make dialogues in English or French?

In Starfield, you can change many game settings, including language. We tell you how to play with French voices.

Starfield One of the most anticipated games of 2023, Bethesda lived up to expectations, as you’ll find out in our detailed Starfield review. The title is currently in Early Access starting September 1st at 2AM. Before Its official release is this September 6th on PC and Xbox series.

To enjoy the best gaming experience, many parameters can be tweaked in PC and Xbox series and some players are surprised How to change the language of conversations. If this is also your thing, we tell you where to go for conversations in French or English.

How to change the language of conversations in Starfield?

If you want to play with dialogues in French or English, the French version has only two languages, the handling is very simple. Open them optionsThen move on Audio. Go to the line Language of conversations and move left or right to get conversations in English or French. As you can see in the following picture.

subtitles-starfield enable-or-disable-subtitles
In the audio option, you can change the languages ​​of dialogues while in accessibility, enable or disable on-screen subtitles if they bother you.

It should be noted that the French version is very good, however, there is a major issue with lip sync which may bother some players. We remind you that You can go to accessibility and play with or without subtitles Finally, if you want to start your adventure in Starfield, we offer exclusive guides, esp Kidnapping, Best friends Or even Construction of outposts.

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