April 20, 2024


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Conference on Brian Stonehouse, English agent secretly imprisoned in Castres

A conference hosted by friends of the Castres Museums will be held on Thursday, November 25, at 5.30pm at the Domaine de La Bouriette (roundabout on the de Lautrec Road after the Leclerc supermarket). Fresh wine will be tasted following it. The speaker is Bernard Landus, who will reveal the exceptional life of Brian Stonehouse. The English agent parachuted into France in 1942 as an anti-radio operator, who was secretly imprisoned in Castres and later handed over to the Germans, who escaped from 4 Nazi concentration camps. He was released from the Dutch in 1945 by the Americans and was cited as a witness at the Nuremberg Trials. He later moved to the United States, where his talents as a painter were exhibited in New York and Washington (Kennedys, Fondas, etc.) as portrait painters of high society. She was a frequent visitor to the fashion world, and for 30 years was a fashion designer for magazines such as Vogue, Harbor’s Bazaar, and Elizabeth Orton. Died at the age of 80, and his funeral took place in Westminster Abbey, in the presence of the royal family.

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