April 18, 2024


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Elizabeth II: A Promising Look at English – Newspaper T20Hears

This is the first official interview with Elizabeth II in a month. In the video above this article, the Queen stands opposite the British Commander-in-Chief at Windsor Castle. His previous appearances were made via video conference during interviews with ambassadors or in a message recorded on the sidelines of COP 26 in Scotland. At age 95, Sovereign was rested by his doctors on October 20 and spent a night in hospital for examination. Originally scheduled to pay tribute to the victims of the war last Sunday, his visit was canceled at the last minute due to back pain. On the streets of London this evening, the British are apparently relieved. “We want her to rule forever. I want the queen.” “I hope she’s doing better. But if she needs more rest in the future, it’s very normal for her age.” They react to TF1’s microphone. Elizabeth II’s schedule is light. Stern, L. Barbesangus, I. Bornacin, V. Belgrand-Barbier, C. Mercant, C. Ingold, A. Silperman

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