June 19, 2024


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Erasmus: Top 5 Cities in Europe to Learn English Well!

Our colleagues at La Libre have created the top 5 cities to learn English in the Erasmus program.

You plan to study abroad Structure of the Erasmus Project ? But still not sure which city you should go to? In order to make more use of the city Questionable when integrating your sites in English? No need to look further, the answer can be found in this article.

Language that everyone should know

Because yes, some people may not have hooks with Shakespeare’s language … but it’s the most important language. It is nothing, in recent years, it is now possible Learn in kindergarten.

English is universal and spoken in most countries. Of course, other languages ​​are important. However, that Our neighbors across the channel have a worldwide offer. This is also for this reason Than the Erasmus project Is.

In fact, thanks to that, many students can leave Study English in various European countries. This allows them to mature and live alone. As they go to work more often, they improve their skills and earn money.

But other than that, they can have a unique experience. And they will remember it for a lifetime. Provided, of course, To choose the right city to live. While improving his skills. Precisely, we will get to that.

As we let you know, our colleagues Free We have dedicated an article related to our subject. In Reveals the best cities To go Do the Erasmus project. And some may surprise you.

On the other hand, others are already familiar to everyone. As you can imagine, in the recommended 5 cities, The The majority are approaching England. Because it is the best place to exercise in any case.

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Erasmus: Top 5 Cities in Europe to Learn English Well!

The best cities to learn English in the Erasmus program

First, know where you are going You have to choose the city that attracts you. Before you set foot there, you do not have to choose the place that will oppose you. You need to feel good about where you are going to study.

Basic for London or English

The media suggests Everything is the same to go to London. The capital of the United Kingdom, this is definitely the best place to learn a language. There are many places to find, especially in the city. Let it enhance your culture or have fun.

Rated as the best student city in the world, life there Not cheap. So check your financial capacity before leaving.

Scotland with Glasgow

If you do not show yourself Not really a fan of the City of London, You can always go a few kilometers from it. Because Glasgow is still a great place For the Erasmus project. Life is so cheap and you can find so many more students.

Enjoy Irish culture in Dublin

A little farther west, Dublin has several properties To help you improve in Shakespeare’s language. Needless to say how the Irish people are at most festivals in the world. But they also know how to be serious and help you in your education.

Take a flight to Malta

We are leaving the UK now To get Valletta. The city of Malta has become very popular among young people in recent years. But besides coming to the party, you can too Follow the Erasmus plan. Especially since English is the official language of the island.

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Amsterdam to finish

Free Concludes its ranking by adding Amsterdam Top 5 cities where you can learn English. The capital of Holland also has a number of properties. The media also noted last year, “The EF Educational Institution first selected the Netherlands as one of the countries with the best English language (for non-Thai speakers)”.