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Didn’t an English club leave the Coletta-car?

Long announced early this summer, the Duje Calletta-car finally stayed at OM. A disappointment for leaders who want to sell Croatian. While Wolverhampton were interested, the English club could return to charge this winter …

Last summer, the Coletta-car refused to leave‘Olympic Marseille And join Wolverhampton. According to La Provence, The companion of the Caletta car was not pleased with this possibility. Blair’s agents revealed to UK officials that they did not want to make promises in their favor. So Wolverhampton abandoned the path. “

But according to Fichajes.netThe wolves will be back in charge this winter. Knowing that the Croatian has already refused to join the English team is a possibility that may seem complicated … unless the latter changes his mind in the great delight of Pablo Longoria.

Sampoli did not like his profile – Jermaine

“The Coletta-car is in the bullets. His return is unexpected. On Sunday, I had a slap in the face when I saw the system in Lille. OM may put it on display to sell it next winter.I’m starting to believe this hypothesis.This is the only credible thing.He is not happy because he pulls his face, he does not live in the summer transfer window.In addition, Samboli does not like his profile because he is slow, He has been in recovery for a long time, and there, all of a sudden, Samboli puts Galetta-car in the most important competition in Lille. The fact that he expelled it so quickly is a terrible confession of failure … ” Florentine Jermaine– Source: FCM (04/10/21)

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Former player‘IF, Eric de Meco would have released the central defender in the transfer window last summer:

I would have gladly brought him to his club in England – Eric de McCoy

“In the case of Caletta-Carr, the problem is we should not ask that question because if we had not thought about it, the club would have wanted to sell him because we know, I think he’s not particularly annoying the leaders. Besides, he is no longer part of the plans. The guards have arrived, and there are two more, so, in my opinion, I’m even wondering if they’re thinking about it yet, but above all, we know what it is: a suspension, an injury on the axis. It burns.Because, in addition, this system with three guards is especially suitable for him with this device he gets annoyed when he encounters a guy who goes fast against one with two transfers … but what is solid on the axis behind it, more gaps No. Additionally with two defensive midfielders. So it might suit him, maybe one day he will come home and he will come out. Yes, he has the same qualities. He’s a Croatian international, he was solicited by clubs … I mean, I would have gladly brought him to his club in the UK so he wouldn’t get lost at the airport. Yes, for me he spent his day. But, Jean-Charles is right, things are going fast in this industry and he can do services quickly. ” Eric de McCoy – Source: FCM (13/09/2021)

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