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Do you use Google Translate to create content automatically?  – Latest News

Do you use Google Translate to create content automatically? – Latest News

Google M முller was asked a question about using Google Translate to create content in another language. He suggested it could be a quality problem and expanded his response to retrial as spam.

Is content created with Google Translate considered duplicate?

The person in question first said he wanted to convert an English language site to German and asked if there were any problems copying the content.

First question:

“… I have an English website. So now I want to create a German website. I want to ask this question about copy content issues.

So I have German content. So … suppose you are using a translator like Google Translate to translate. So, will Google tell me that this is a copy? ”

M முller responded:

“No. If this is translated content, it is not duplicate content.”

He addressed the issue of using Google Translate to create German content from English content.

John Mல்லller:

“I think it’s a different issue.

So, in general, translated content is unique content. It has different words, different characters on the page, so it has different content.

Depending on how you translate it, it can be a quality issue.

So if you use a machine translation tool and automatically translate your entire website into another language, we will see this as a non-standard website because most of the translations are not good.

But if you take a translation tool and recreate it with translators who know the language and create a better version of that content, it will be fine. “


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Google Translate content leads to manual actions

Interestingly, M முller redefined this idea from a self-created content perspective.

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M முller turns this into something that goes beyond the somewhat ambiguous notion of “quality content,” which is now a violation of the rules of spam, which is a ban on publishing automatically generated content.

Now it’s clearly a conversation about spam.

John Mல்லller continued his response:

“I imagine that over time the translation tools will be improved to work a little better, but at least for now, if you translate automatically from a standard perspective, it will be problematic.

Even a little more, if this is something that is done on a large scale, the internet spam panel will come in and this is automatically generated content, we do not want to schedule it. ”

The person in question then made a translation and suggested a freelance writer to redo the content.


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Mல்லller responded by discussing the quality of the content.

He replied:

“I think this is a good start, but I think you have to take the quality aspect into account.

Like the content you expect in your own language.

If you search a page in your language and read it, it’s like … “

At this point, M முller shook his head to visualize a user’s response to bad content.

John Mல்லller explains Google’s response to non-standard content

John Mல்லller nods to explain a user’s response to low quality content

Mller continued:

“I do not know who wrote this. It does not make much sense. So you do not believe this page, do you?

It’s basically the same thing. You create content for German users, and they look at it and say, “Oh, that doesn’t make much sense, they’ll go somewhere else. “

Google translation for automated content creation can result in a manual process

John Mல்லller did not encourage that person to use Google Translate to create content in different languages.

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Google Translate works well in communicating the meaning of a page, but it is not a perfect translation and it reads really poorly.

It’s easy to see that using Google Translate for content creation would not be a good idea.

John Mர்ller went a step further by suggesting that the large-scale use of Google Translate would lead to manual action for automatically generated content.


See M முller’s answer to a question about using Google Translate to create website content


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