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Winners of National Education Innovation Day at Zakbion School and College in Amiens

Winners of National Education Innovation Day at Zakbion School and College in Amiens

Launched at Sagebien School in 2015 and then at the College in Amiens in 2018, the project “I think, I learn, I teach in English in all fields” won this Wednesday, April 7 National Innovation Competition Academics.

In September 2018, all 6th grade students at Sagebien College in Amini benefited from the “English Language Immersion” program. At the start of the 2021 school year, 800 college students at all levels, i.e., will be concerned.

This is what creates the originality of our device, Mary-Pascal Baronet, Principal of the College explains. We made gradual progress. For 25 classes this year, at least two teachers will be able to teach English in their subjects to all students“.

Ajbian Amiens

Immersion involves offering lessons exclusively in English to students in certain categories in addition to regular English hours, i.e. 5h30 per week in sports, mathematics, music, physics-chemistry, life sciences and history-geography.

The device has won the competition for the 11th edition of National Innovation Day organized on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

This gift acknowledges that teachers are willing to reflect on their practices and their evolution.Regional English Teaching Analyst Marion Dubois-Pager explains.

This innovative project is an extension of the English language immersion set up in 2015 at Sagebien Elementary School. After six years of experience, the director is more than impressed with the positive rating.

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This has become completely natural for children. They are always the most motivatedSophie Daire notes that at the time the teachers were improving their DNL certification (non-linguistic discipline) in English. Over the years, they have gained autonomy and refined their technique.

There are practice changes to make it more fun. Some areas seem too complicated for us. For example we tell ourselves that we will explore other disciplines, moral and civic education for Cycle 2 as well.“.

Since 2015, Sagebien School has been selected to distribute students in all classes of the College.

Fifty of them 210“Marie-Pascal refers to the Baronet.”This is not a Euro class with little ones from Sagebien. They are machines at the beginning and after, it takes everyone“.

When they come to class, they never know whether the class will be in English or French, Continues Marion Dubois-Pager. Depending on where they are in the chapters. For students, this is quickly becoming normal, even normal, and that is the goal. We tend to do courses in English in France, i.e. the European section, with one exception and one exception.“.

Students can handle all subjects in English as long as there is meaning in what they have learned. “For example, some parts of French history make no sense in English. Each time, we try to make sure there is a cultural anchor. Space Success in Physics, with the United States, we have a lot of interesting documents“.

Incentive results

The truth is “There is progressSays Sandrin Risbeck, English teacher and project coordinator.

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Last March, 4th year students assessed their writing and oral language skills before a panel of foreign language speakers. The results are encouraging.

For a good number of students, we find a level close to A2 or B1 of the European structure., Details Marion Dubois-Pager. Level A2 is if a student is 20 out of 20 at the end of level 3 and level B1 we are in second or first level. This is not the goal, but they will speak boldly. This is a real positive point “.

The secrets of this success may lie in the way it works. The college uses integrated themes to engage students. Harry Potter 6th, 5th Detectives, 4th Athletes and “Next year 3rd, this will be the theme of the engagement“Announces the Mary-Pascal Baronet.”What is important is that it is not a frozen function. It always does the experimenting.

Before the health crisis, I had the opportunity to go to a 6th grade studioHarry Potter London. This year, those who come to college are athletes because 4th year students can’t go out. “The South African rugby player was accompanied by Canadian hockey players from the Gothic team and an Afghan cricketer.“.

Give the impression

Openness to others, openness to the international, English-speaking culture, to all cultures of the world. Through this project, a full energy was created at the heart of the teaching team. From 5, she rose to 11 teachers who accepted the challenge. “It can only work if the team has good advice“The Mary-Pascal Baronet insists.

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The real risk they could take, Notes Marion Dubois-Pager, Based on proficiency in English but proficiency in professional gestures. A teacher should prepare the lesson in advance. He focuses on the essentials of discipline“.

The idea is not to copy Sagebien everywhere, but it is inspired.

Marion Dubois-Pager

The English immersion program is followed at Amiens Academy. 41 schools, colleges or high schools wanted to implement a language immersion system in English, taking into account the uniqueness and domain structure of each language.

The day we never talked about this again, we would have won Marion Dubois-Pager concludes.