May 19, 2022


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Eu’s ping-pong club champion Laura Cosnier during training in Franco-English.

The licensees of Eu’s Ping-Pong Club welcomed the English players during training. Selected officers came to meet them. (© L’Informateur d’Eu)

Players of Table tennis Dracott’s sister spent several days in the cities. Met with the club’s licenseesWas And local elected officials.

The idea for this trip has been a part of it நபத் பூண்யப்ரபா. “In England I always played the same way and wanted to come to France to try out new techniques. So I talked to my coach about this and he encouraged me to come last year,” said the table tennis player.

A rich experience

Naphat greatly appreciated his training and asked John Baileys, the English coach, to come to Eu with the entire team. The latter accepted immediately and did not regret the decision today: “This course is a wonderful experience for young people. They love France and everyone is very welcome there,” the coach is delighted.

Treport Mayor Laurent Jack attended the April 14 tournament. He wants to continue to promote this kind of practice: “As elected officials, we must support the associations and the events they hold. It allows young people to participate in sports and language exchanges.

Visit of Laura Cosnier

French champion Laura Cosnier arrives at EU table tennis club  He played with young English and French players.
French champion Laura Cosnier arrives at EU table tennis club He played with young English and French players. (© Table Tennis Club, Mers, Eu, le Tréport.)

Among the young Englishmen, three boys and three girls have secured the National Top 5 in their respective categories.

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Melissa Withers is one of them. On April 13, Former French N ° 1, Laura Cosnier Arrived at Eu Club during training class. Melissa had the opportunity to meet her: “Laura was very nice to us, she made sure to play with everyone and taught us many technical tricks”. The table tennis player was also “very impressed” by the athlete’s speech and her journey as a woman into the sports world.

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A call to those interested

In fact, ping-pong, like many other games, suffers from a reputation for being too “masculine”.

To overcome this, Fred Quentin, former president of the club, came up with an idea: “We offer a few sessions free of charge for young women who want to try table tennis. They can then find the game and continue playing it.

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