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Fastnet 1979: Bordeaux resident rescues seven English sailors from the waves

In 1979, Alain Catherino starred in Fastnet, which became famous for its inconvenience. He will save seven Englishmen caught in the storm. A gesture would make him the first “best sailor of the year”.

FastNet, a sailing race around the British Isles, begins this Monday, August 9th. Forty-two years ago, on August 11, 1979, the Fastnet captains departed. Among them, Alain Catherino, a Bordeaux sailor, is led by Laurel. He saves seven sailors and becomes a hero.

Seven hours storm

Bordeaux Sailor 302 will be stranded in a storm with other boats. The waves of the Channel and the Celtic Ocean are unleashed and blown away by strong winds.

“We had six, seven very intense hours. The boat went to bed four times. We had no sail, nothing.”, Recalled Alain Catherino.

Quickly, danger lights appear on the horizon: the captains are in danger, and their boats are damaged. Laurel was then diverted from the race to help one of them.

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Fastnet 79: The day a Bordeaux resident rescues seven British captains

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Rescue of four sailors

This is an English boat called the Griffin, which has four captains. “When we passed them, a crazy favorite. Says Alain Catherineau. We lowered the bar, we turned the machine on, and we headed towards them. It took us an hour and a half. “

Successful operation for crew: Sailors are safe and noisy in Laurel. Others may not have had this opportunity. During this race, the worst in history, eighteen sailors were killed and twenty-three boats were sunk.

Together again

Forty-two years later, Alain Catherino is a sensible hero. Despite being named England’s best sailor of the year for saving a total of seven captains, the man still wants to cover his record.

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At 76, the Bordeaux sailor never left the sea: he took part in several fastnets surrounded by his two daughters. He should restart his laurel soon, and is now cleverly installed on a seafront in Bordeaux.