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Fiasco in the State of France: “This is bullshit”, Thurman’s explanations do not convince the British

Fiasco in the State of France: “This is bullshit”, Thurman’s explanations do not convince the British

The interior minister spoke on Monday, May 30, two days after the defeat of the Champions League final in the State de France. Gérald Darmanin pointed to a “massive fraud”, but also the behavior of Liverpool supporters. People across the channel were intimidated, while the international press questioned all the organization of the event.

According to Interior Secretary Gerald Dorman, several thousand fake Liverpool fan tickets for Saturday’s Champions League final are believed to have caused confusion, but he’s the track record of ‘big’ fraud, especially on the England side.

Why are counterfeit banknotes “root evil” according to Dorman?

According to French officials, the counterfeit notes were found in large numbers during a pre-filtering around the State de France on the English side, which is managed by officials of the French Football Association (FFF). The English side could not give exact figures to the home minister on Monday, saying “70% of the paper tickets issued for pre-filtering were incorrect.” He simply spoke of the 30,000 to 40,000 Liverpool supporters around the stadium on Saturday “without tickets or with fake tickets”.

The rats that benefited from the 22,000 tickets were printed on paper at Liverpool’s request, so they were not electronic, which, according to Dorman, “probably contributed” to the fraud. The guards were able to locate them with a chemical pen used on the back of the paper tickets.

The minister said there was a crowd of fans carrying fake tickets unable to cross the pre-filter, which lifted the Paris police chief and allowed the crowd to enter the stadium gates without restraint, causing “great confusion”.

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How many counterfeit notes were in circulation on Saturday night?

It is difficult to answer this question accurately. The Minister noted the proportion of 70% counterfeit notes found, but no exact figures were given on the number of counterfeit notes checked. As the minister did on Monday, if this ratio is correlated with the population of Liverpool fans who will be around Saturday evening around the State de France, with nearly 60,000 for him, we will reach more than 40,000 fake tickets. “It is still too late to get an accurate estimate,” the minister’s entourage said.

“This is a wet finger assessment. We will have to wait to get more accurate components to get a fair assessment,” the government adviser said anonymously on Monday. It would, however, set the first time in ticket history in the Champions League by its hypothetical scale that such a fraudulent study, organized across the channel.

A source close to the government assured that “British authorities have warned of the possibility of having the wrong tickets, but not to the extent”. The investigation has been handed over to the Paris Judicial Police by the Saint-Denis State Attorney’s Office to shed light on the matter, and the UEFA will focus on an independent inquiry into Monday’s defeat of the State de France on this question of fake tickets.

An unbelievable study across the channel

Former England international Gary Lineker tweeted in French after the minister’s press conference on Monday, “This is nonsense.” The English press generally believed that the French authorities could be relieved of any responsibility for Saturday’s defeat.

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“The real reason why so many lives were endangered that tragic evening in Paris was the combination of the institutional failure of UEFA and the French police,” said Liverpool Echo columnist Ryan Patton.
On Monday, Mr. He also apologized to Sports Minister Amelie Odia-Castro for continuing the “story” of the chaos caused by “red tickets with fake tickets” by Thurman.

“These are the lies of the worst liars”

“The explanation for the counterfeit notes is a small matter and they raised it because they need to find an explanation for their failures,” the leader of a large group of supporters ruled in the State de France on Saturday. If the fake tickets were always with sporting or cultural events, they were not in the weight ratio given by the French authorities to some of those who attended the Saturday evening competition.

“These are the lies of bad liars,” a Liverpool fan said in an interview on Saturday and was interviewed by AFP ‘Daniel Austin, 27. “At first they tried to criticize Liverpool fans, but now they are trying to blame the fakes,” English journalist Gave Solhogol told Sky Sports.