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He threatens to kill his English teacher on Snapchat, then shows up at Chablis College with a knife

He threatens to kill his English teacher on Snapchat, then shows up at Chablis College with a knife

A student from the Pierre-et-Jean-Lerouge College in Chablis was arrested by the National Gendarmerie on Tuesday June 4, 2024. At the age of 14, the teenager had a knife , the day before, on social networks.

Was a tragedy averted on Tuesday June 4, 2024 at the Pierre-et-Jean-Lerouge College in Chablis? That day, the 14-year-old fourth-grader was smartly escorted out of the establishment by yon gendarmes. At around 11:30 am he was arrested in Seignelay brigade, the teenager was in possession of an opinal type knife.

The discovery comes as the teenager had threatened to kill his English teacher on social networking site Snapchat the day before. Information confirmed by Jean-Baptiste Lepetz, Education Director of the National Education Services (DASEN) in Yonne. “I can confirm that a student has been arrested by the police, but I cannot comment on this,” he replied on Wednesday.

Racist insults and swastikas

“Two students took screenshots and denounced these actions to the college administration,” notes a teacher at Pierre-et-Jean-Lerouge, who wishes to remain anonymous. “On the news, the student announced that he was going to kill his teacher with a knife, and the next day, he appeared in front of the establishment with the weapon he was talking about. This is shocking.”

It has been reported in the past that the student had already committed “physical violence against himself and other students”. Followed by an academic, he will have a “very complicated” career path and will be “abandoned on all sides”.

He offers his fellow inmate 30,000 euros to kill his parents

According to the author, beyond this incident, a harmful climate is evident at this Auxerreis college. In addition, a letter was sent to the parents of fourth grade students whose actions were reprimanded for a limited number of students. We know some call “an Indian student a dirty nigger”; “A dirty Arab Muslim student” and tell her to go back to her country, class and social networks. Others “draw Hitler and the swastika and show it to the class.” Also, “A teacher suffers from baldness, even if this hair loss is linked to medical treatment.”

The letter, dated March 29, 2024, described the comments as “intolerable” and was signed by “all staff at Chablis College.” But in fact, not all editors were informed that this letter was written. “It is difficult to filter information in this college. The head of the institution does not carry out disciplinary procedures. There is a sense of impunity. These acts are intolerable, but above all they are illegal!”, the author continues. More intensity from management.

In the paragraph before the lawyer’s representative

When contacted the management of the institute refused to answer our questions and referred us as National Education Services. Questioned, Jean-Baptiste Lebets pointed out that there was “no particular concern in this establishment” and that there were “many incidents in many establishments”. He mentioned that he was able to talk to the English teacher who was the target of death threats. “She was obviously shocked and I left her free to judge whether she wanted to back down or not, but she wanted to return to her post as soon as possible.”

After a day of police custody, the accused youth was released. “He will not see a judge and on Tuesday June 18 he will be summoned by a lawyer’s representative,” said Auxerre’s public prosecutor, Hugues de Fili. Criminal compensation implemented by the Judiciary Protection of Youth (PJJ) will be used. It remains to be seen what form it takes: “It is an alternative to a lawsuit: a letter of apology, a meeting with the police or gendarmes, etc.,” explains Hugues de Phyly.

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