June 16, 2024


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“I Want To Achieve More Organic Sound”: English band Metronomy return with seventh album

Fifteen years later, the metronomy became one of the leading bands in Great Britain. During this time, many other organizations have started simultaneously, sometimes a Exaggeration Very strong, descended into the abyss.

Among the controls of this charming ship is Joseph Mount, which is first plugged in electronically and makes you dance when you give a weird chatter on a pop record or vice versa. (Left in photo). The center of metronomy revolves around his allies Anna Briar, Gabriel Stepping, Oscar Cash and Olukpenga Adelegan.

Organic desires

He returned to his homeland after living in Paris for a few years with his French partner, a native of Devon, southwest England. A father of two, he moved to the lush green pastures of Kent. Overnight, metronomy did not become a small folk business. But the move had an impact on its creative process Small worldIt was extended throughout 2020, to the tune of prisons.

“Before I started this album and before the Corona virus appeared, I knew I wanted recordings like this. I wanted to achieve more organic sound. But of course, being closer to the earth was a must.Joseph Mount promises us in the video.


Suddenly, the crazy race the musicians had been climbing for so long was dead and stopped. “For the first time in fifteen years, I had the opportunity to calm down and think about my life. In normal times, it is true that we are completely obsessed with the same criteria: hours, days, weeks … Enjoying a break from it all is something very powerful and exciting for me. “

Friend Joseph had plenty of time to think. It gave I Lost My Mind Where Life and deathThe opening song of the album. “This was the last song I ever wrote. I thought I should write a song about everything I felt during this period. So many people died, it was scary enough. I was fine with myself at the time too. In the countryside, with my family. This conflict was so crazy.” He continues.

Quiet isolation

This coming September, Joseph Mount will turn 40 years old. “Okay, I think I’m relaxed. This pressure to be the leader of a young fashion team is no longer there. It’s all over. I can become a 40-year-old fashionista. – Old boy, I’ll be cool, you see”, He said smiling behind the camera.

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His previous album, Metronomy forever, Brought together sixteen pieces and almost several musical twists. This time, Small world, Appropriate name, contains only nine titles. Did the British succumb to the virtues of minimalism? “Of course, I wanted to deliver something directly, and I was more focused on what I was doing. I knew I could move on to the next stage of my career. Now I have sown something that seems interesting. For me, I want to go further.”

While waiting to see where this path will go, fans will not be lost. The first two solo songs released to the public, Good to be back And Things will be fineJumping, there are almost innocent keyboards, often metronomy.

Bitter dessert

When Love factory The characteristic of Mr. Mount’s melodies carries this bitter scent. He read a YouTube comment posted under one of his clips: “Metronomy is the only band that can make you happy, sad and uncertain at the same time.”

Reaction of interested parties: “I take it very positively! When you follow the evolution of a team, you grow at the same time. And there is a moment when you understand that things change for everyone. It makes you happy, sometimes it makes you sad.”

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