February 23, 2024


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iizenglish fosters English learning through differentiated pedagogy

iizenglish fosters English learning through differentiated pedagogy

In her 25 years of experience as an English teacher, she has seen many of the difficulties that learning Shakespeare’s language represents for the French. However, current educational standards emphasize the importance of this second language: the B1 level must be obtained at the end of compulsory schooling.

Better management of diversity of levels in English

“I always spend time creating innovative educational materials to put my students in a successful situation and support them to their maximum potential”says founder Isabelle SevenmentEnglish. ” [Pour développer à plus grande échelle les compétences des élèves en anglais], we started with a blank page and two questions: What can we offer to help students learn English? And how can teachers help manage the diversity of their classes? “.

To share her experience and answer these issues, the teacher created iizenglish, a web application for learning English. The platform allows you to work at A1, A2 and B1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFRL). Accessible to both teachers and individuals, it forms the basis of over 500 self-corrected exercises.

As Isabelle Chevènement reminds us, the aim is to provide an offer tailored to each student. “The problem of class status is a persistent problem for which solutions are limited and complex to implement. The solution I am developing is close to my heart and allows for the differentiated education system essential to everyone’s success.”.

Promoting adaptive teaching through digital

Thanks to the application, each student faces exercises adapted to his level and can practice each exercise as many times as he wants. It is a principle of adaptive teaching that allows personalization of students through computers. Each attempt creates new sentences. Exercises are instantly self-correcting and the student can continue his learning by learning from his mistakes. By having access to course sheets, the app allows him to work independently and at his own pace.

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Exercises are adapted, teachers can set up a different pedagogy, thanks to the organization of groups of students within his class. They can also be assigned specific activities related to the points they want to work on. Unlike digital textbooks, the teacher and their students have access to all language levels, meaning they can send the same assignment to all their students, adjusting the level if necessary.

Aiming to be an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, iizenglish has over 500 exercises, 1,300 illustrations, 600 recordings, 84 grammar sheets and 42 vocabulary sheets. However, teachers can benefit from personal support in using and implementing this solution if needed.

“I was fortunate to be educated (in a multi-intelligence, inclusive school) and to live abroad for more than fifteen years, which allowed me to discuss their teaching practice with many foreign colleagues. »says Isabelle Chevènement, founder of iizenglish. “The logical next step was to share this whole experience on a larger scale.”

Marketed from September 2022, 15 schools, colleges and high schools combined are currently using the solution. iizenglish wants to continue its growth in Europe and the Maghreb or the Middle East in the coming years, and to create accessible levels that allow students to work up to B2.