June 18, 2024


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In Ramsgate, the fatigue of the English fishermen and the anti-French hatred

This could be a decisive meeting in the conflict between France and the United Kingdom in the fishing industry. Brexit Minister David Frost met with Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Beaune on Thursday, November 4 in Paris. France hopes to get more fishing licenses for its vessels in British waters.

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While the meeting is pending, France has suspended retaliation against the Kingdom’s fishermen. In the port of Ramsgate in the south-east of England, fishermen shake their heads in disgust when it comes to meeting that day, France or Brexit. Nevertheless, almost all of them voted to leave Europe. This is the case of John Nichols, president of the local fishing association, who has had a bad time in political games in recent days.

“We’re not coming to see the fun. We can heat up if we want to.

John Nichols, president of the local fishing association

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John Nichols is after France, but he is disappointed by his own government. Leaving Europe, he hoped to regain the splendor of the past, when about thirty tugboats were filled with soles and ropes. Leaning on a rail in the harbor, Tony, aware of this time, now watches mainly pleasure boats against a dozen fishing boats. “When I was a kid, there were a lot of people here. The fisherman sighs. Thanks to Brexit, our fishermen can do whatever they want. They will be enough to work. The French no longer need to come here. Of course not. “ Fishermen here will not follow the crowd of the day. They have the best things to do: they will be at sea.

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The British fishermen on the ground seem to be depressed and do not trust anyone in this matter. On the government side, the British line still remains: “We have complied with the terms of the exit agreement for the letter. We have issued fishing licenses when the required documents have been submitted.” Finally: “France must remove its threats.” Moreover, when Emmanuel Macron postponed the retaliatory measures to take effect, they regarded it as a small victory, given as a setback to France on an occasion when pride took a prominent place.

At least here for the home talk: As the talks continue, undoubtedly behind the scenes, the ambassadors of the Johnson government are adapting themselves a lot. If no agreement is found, Paris will say no to British fishermen, they will not die off their cargo in France, their largest customer, 28% of turnover. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is threatening to tighten controls on French boats.

In Ramsgate, the Fatigue and Anti-French Hate of English Fishermen – Report by Richard Place

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