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The prison was closed for an English supporter

Jonathan Best, a 52-year-old British fan, posted an 18-second video on his Facebook page in which he scolded three England players (Marcus Rashford, Jaden Sancho and Bukayo Saga) for missing a penalty. Penalty shootout against Italy (Euro 1-1, 3-2) in the final of Euro 2020.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced by a Wellston court (northwest London) to ten weeks in prison for “publishing very derogatory news or content on a communications network”. Rashford, Sancho and Saga received an avalanche of racist messages on social media after the final on July 11 in Wembley, London, as England had the chance to win their first major trophy since the 1966 World Cup.

“I do what I want”

Judge Dennis Brennan explained that he had initially considered an adjournment in order to prevent others from doing so before choosing a definitive sentence. “The words you use are outdated, insulting and insulting, they will attack the very nature of our civilized society and consume it,” the judge explained in his judgment.

Best, a London-based forklift operator, complained to Facebook and the police through contact on a co-worker and social network that he refused to delete his video. According to attorney Elaine Cousins, “This is my profile, I do what I want,” Best would have replied. “There is absolutely no place for racism in this game or anywhere else. I hope this test will help people make progress in education and prevent them from posting hateful content on social media,” he added.

In August, eleven people were arrested by British police for spreading racist insults after the Euro 2020 final. Already rife with pre-match violence, the fights erupted as dozens of ticketless supporters were forced to attend the match.

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