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In the line of English individuals and Pericard Gentleman in Chateau Fig

How not to create a link? Chat owner Fig Fruit In 1586, after rebuilding a house destroyed during the religious wars, Raymond DiCasus received a gift with his noble letters. It is a safe bet for the Manoncourt family that the spectacular cellar, which opened in the spring of 2021 on the side of the historic building, will be a center for receiving Type A of Saint-Emilion’s first classified development during the next classification of 2022. Holy Grail for that woman’s wines. New high-precision viticultural work tool for 5,000 m2 architectural achievement and intra-plot specification, building clear “Restoration Strategy for Chateau Fig», Blandine de Brier Manoncourt agrees to be the current co-owner of the family property with his sister, Hortense Idoine Manoncourt and his mother Mary-France Manoncourt.

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Historical Premier Grand Crew St. Emilion, FIGC lost the famous “A” in 2012. This is horrible for the tea on the right bank. “The FIG is a racing car and there is no reason to give it up. We may have made the right choices by not being submissive to civilizations.», De Bryer of the Conscious Plant. But among Manoncourt, private descendants, it is not necessary to rehash. “Plans, plans, that’s what keeps me alive», Mary-France Monncourt dressed in yellow like the sun.

The crime of 2012 is to be distributed at the height of contempt. The answer did not take long. A marvel of high-tech vidiculture technology, the new Cellar and Wat Room revives the family reorganized in 2013 around Frederick Faye, CEO and Jean-Valmy Nicholas. Half visible, half merry, the building designed by Bordeaux residents Carolyn Marley and Guy-Yves Tropress is breathtaking. To the right of the 18th-century faade with its tiled roofs, it seems to have always been. Anchored in one of the three most famous gravel ridges in the vineyard. The largest in Saint-Emilion, the 54-hectare castle and its century-old park are built in single pieces. The Biodiversity Sanctuary is guarded by vines, which claim to have a dual lineage of paternal and maternal ancestry.A touch of boldness and imagination“A tradition that allows.”To look at things differently, do not deviate from the path you have been beaten and be satisfied with the path you have been given», Blandine de Brier insists.

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Family myth

On the father’s side, we don’t count adventurers and engineers. Of course, the invincible private Francis Drake (1540-1596) was in polar position. “The first sailor to complete a world tour in 1580, where Magellan lost his life, conquered Queen Elizabeth I of England in 1581 and the invincible Spanish Armada in 1588», Proudly his descendant. The character is good. “Family mythThe memory of Sir Francis is referenced in Ficke’s family living room by his great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter Elizabeth Drake (1834-1911). However, the portrait of the young woman hangs a little too high for immediate attention. “We are not the type to project ourselves», Comments Blandine de Brier.

Sullen Butt, English women in the rain on her black gown covered with a large red velvet bow show the undeniable physical similarity of the two women. But not Elizabeth Drake. “ThatDescendant of an individual. She was also the wife of the Belgian engineer Henry Chevrolet (1822-1889). He designed the Moscow-St Petersburg Railroad and the Place de l’Europe in Paris. The Sauvremont couple had a daughter, Henriet (1861-1942), who married Andre Willepiku (1851-1926). At the initiative of the first Parisian metro line (Pont de Neuilly-Vincennes), Sean Chancellor’s right-hand man, Andre Willepic, bought the Chatto Figue in 1892 on the advice of his wife’s dowry and his high school friend Albert McQueen. The origin of the root system for combating phylloxera. Henriette and Andre Villepigue, the future wife of Antoine Manoncourt, descendant of the French landscape activist Charles-Nicholas-Sigisbert Sonini de Manoncord (1751-1812) and Buffon’s friend Lapland Turnip (Rutobaduga) of Lorraine.

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Post-war tourism

In 1943, when Ada Wilfiko-Mன்கncourt received the Chatto Figueroa, he sought the advice of his son Theory. Should we keep or divide the domain? Thierry Manoncourt, a 26-year-old young agricultural engineer and interested officer, has been released from a prison camp in Germany. He does not hesitate. Figak will be his land, and he will dedicate himself to it for five decades. He passed away in 2010 and has worked all his life for the recognition of Figueroa and Bordeaux. In 1949, as a pioneer, he chose figs for respectable grape cultivation, slowly turning the soil and planting grass. But he transforms the grape variety into an unprecedented grape of AOC: 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Frank vs. 30% Merlot, King of Saint-Emilian Grapes. He created a second wine, expanded the vineyard, elevated his wine from the first classification in 1955, and began construction of a semi-underground concrete cellar, which was revolutionary in the 1970s. Business trip around the world. His wife, Marie-Fran மனois Mன்கncourt, is one of the promotional tours in which you are actively involved in Dubos de Lapre. It is not idle. How can she forget that her fianc seduced her with a sato figurine exchanged in a stemmed mirror in 1947 during a post-war enhanced tour? Thunderbolt. “On my mom’s side, sensitivity is very artistic. Maybe this is where his talent continues to amaze?Their daughter Blandine is surprised.

Fourteen grandchildren

Helene Cloveni, the maternal grandmother of Mary-France Monncourt, is preserved as a lute player sitting on the east side of the Loud by the Swiss painter-traveler Jean-Etienne Leotard (1702-1789), preserved in the Louvre. The daughter of the Crimean embassy in Constantinople from 1723 to 1734, she is the originator of this Istanbul family history, which was interrupted by the coming to power of Ataturk. “My grandmother and her mother fled to Paris, where all the luggage and some precious stones were sewn into the lining of their clothes.», Says Blandine de Brier, who may feel strange when his ancestors did not live there for a long time, feeling at home in Istanbul. “This is an advantage with ancestors, where everyone is attracted there according to their relationships“In the 1930s, young Simone Cloveni married Guy Dubos de Lapre, from a long lineage in Pericord, among them Toulouse, an enlightened marshal and student of the romantic painter Delacroix. Attached.Figac land, 14 grandchildren carry about 48 future taped tanks and two large barrel cellars dug into the basement, one of which is limestone in magnetic blue.to misunderstand, the color of the sea.

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Chateau Figeac, 1st Grand Cru Classé. 33 330 Saint-Emilion (Chateau-figeac.com)

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