July 23, 2024


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Interview.  France XV: To be a good captain, Antoine DuPont “made efforts in English”

Interview. France XV: To be a good captain, Antoine DuPont “made efforts in English”

Appointed captain in the absence of Charles Oliveone, injured, Antoine DuPont will be baptized in the fire on Saturday, November 6 against Argentina: “I tried in English” to speak to the referees, Toulouse scrum promised to half.

Antoine DuPont, How were your first days as captain?

Went well. Being blue in Marcosis is pleasing. It’s been a long time. This character happened very naturally. I was already a leader with other players. There, this extra functionality did not significantly change my attitude. Being a captain is so much pride, it’s something so powerful. We learn about heritage when we look at the names that went before. It inspires us to be role models and deliver the best.

How do you manage your relationship with the referees?

This is something to keep in mind. The relationship with the arbitrator is an important factor and is even more so internationally. I may have less experience than other captains I face but for most referees, I have already met them, especially at the European Cup and internationally. The referee this weekend, I know him, would have no problem … and I tried in English! (Laughs)

You start with Ntamack and Jalibert, what would it be like to have two starters in the beginning?

This adds many strings to our bow, especially on the attacking side. We have two players making the right choices, studying the gaps, making the right choices with the best technical quality, the best kicking game. And it gives us extra options to play before and after defense.

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