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Is the use of English so widespread in advertising or media?

Is the use of English so widespread in advertising or media?

4 days ago
16:23 on 02/15/2022

I’m fluent in English (I’m not bilingual), which is a language I appreciate and want to practice, but I’m too tired of using it at all costs for everything and anything. It is true that this is a “plastic” language, which is easily modified, which is not always possible in French. But often, when there is a French word (“magnet” for magnet) we take English words, if they are not already in French from French, Quebec French words are sometimes from English but with a modified spelling. Mud and dirt, “slouch” (from American English “slush”) but from Old French or thoughtful translation. There are also French words spoken in Africa, which are mostly colorful and we can use in practice.
Do not forget that 70% of English vocabulary is of French descent, thanks to William the Conqueror and many other words have been modified: shop (shop), flirt (fluorterer, gander fluoride), tennis (hold, verb hold), restart (etc.)
By the way, “home staging” (cf. Stéphane Plaza) is not mentioned in English, try to find the right alternative.

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