June 22, 2024


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The new life of the former mayor of Never, the excessive English language, the most partisan movements … our inattention this week

Florent Sainte Fare Garnot is back on page. Former Mayor of Never (2010-2014), After being an advisor to Lilly’s mayor’s office, he joined Leon as Ural’s general secretary and interim general manager. He was appointed director of the local public company (SPL) Lyon Part-Dieu. He takes office on March 1st. SPL Lyon Part-Dieu plans to recreate La Part-Dieu District in the coming years, located in the 3rd Arrondissement, on the east coast of Rhône, in the heart of the Lyon metropolis. The organization intervenes in themes such as office development, housing, economy or sustainable development.

Justin Coyote talks about the difficulty of being a locally elected officer

The mayor of Decize, Justin Coyote, responded to the horrific news on social media: “The mayor of Rezé (Loire-Atlantique), who was targeted by malicious letters, was actually hanged in his town hall last week.”. Elected decizoise commented: “It’s very sad … very stressful, hurtful, sometimes insulting words from local elected officials. Before being elected, we women and men … should we not forget that ?!

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New wine dealer in view

Through the social network Instagram Neversois learned about the future establishment of a liquor dealer in Never, probably in the Saint-Arikil district. Kiel.S. Specializes in natural wines. No start date has been announced yet, but a call to track the account of this new merchant (quilles.nevers) who uses Instagram to maintain suspense …


Notre Dame burns, The film directed by Jean-Jack Annot will be released in theaters on Wednesday, March 16th. The much-anticipated, timeline-restoring blockbuster Paris Cathedral fire Theaters should be allowed to record multiple records. Only three previews will be held in March in the cities where the shooting took place: Bourges on the 10th, Sense on the 11th and Amiens on the 12th, in the presence of the filmmaker and possibly the producer.

The most beautiful logo for a football club

Club of Saint-Benin-D’Assi Nivernais has won the industry competition for the most beautiful logo of football clubs. The most subjective contest launched on the Facebook page of Food Logos. “Club players and members have used their social networks, but this is just a game, you just have to take it as it is,” explains Christoph Bolle, president of the USSB. The logo was designed a year and a half ago to mark the association’s 70th anniversary.

In the Saint-Benin semifinals (175-) Imbi-D’Cice (124 votes to 110), Montchache (77-27), Vandones-Saint-Honor (82-44), Moulins-Engilbert (262-241) Kosei (175-) 169) and finally by 293 votes to 195 in the Saint-Père final. The Amognard Club qualified for the national stage. But when ?? “In two or three years”, page manager Morgan Tramhel notes that Breton is interested in football and is close to US Saint-Malo (National 2)’s contact cell. “There are still a lot of industry competitions to start with, and sometimes there are a lot of clubs,” he says. “For example next in Vendée 169, next against Nièvre 56”. Saint-Benin must wait

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Comfort the culture

In a Facebook post this week, Liz von Duke Set a task for his friends: “If you have the opportunity: comfort someone who works in culture”. Source figures: “We would have taken 50% less attendance by 2021”. Nivarnice’s singer concludes: “If this moment is for comfort, say consolation. Voluntarily say consolation again. With all your sympathy. In sympathy. After that, let’s talk about “regression”, as Boris Sirulnik defined it. Continue. Will it get better soon ?! We all believe.

Are the proposals even political?

Away from the opposition of Varennus-Vasselles, Wednesday, February 16, during the Municipal Council meeting. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, but will vote in favor of Isabelle Bonnicel and Catherine Robin-Cauvot. The most “political”, even adequate protectors of discrimination and the public interest, believe both elected. The mayor, Oliver Cicad, effectively demanded their political dimension, while recalling that this ambition would be positive.

Control the asking time … no

Criteria for justice are not always easy to use. Evidence was made Wednesday, February 16, during a criminal court hearing. At the beginning of the year, theThe judges announced that he would not sit for more than six hours following, In protest of the insufficient means allotted to justice. But this decision was difficult to implement, and six hours later, two defendants are still waiting. They arrived at 8:30 a.m., waiting for other cases to go. The president, who sat for the last seven hours, was unable to return their file.

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From archive to archive

Director of the Departmental Archive, Jean-Marie Linsolas, Will leave Nivere soon. A departure is scheduled for mid-April. As he leaves for Allier, he will take over as director of the departmental archives. Until his successor is appointed, the position of director at Nièvre will be offered on an interim basis.

Very English

This week, the French Academy released a report pointing to the widespread use of “frangloys” in terms of communication, but also in local communities. And many other examples, Le Picaro Cites “My Loire Valley”, a website that specializes in travel information for the Loire Valley, including Nièvre.

Capital Pouilly Winemakers

Many winemakers of appeal Pouilly wines Earlier in the week, they attended the Wine Paris-Vinexpo in Porte de Versailles, Paris. By 2020, the show had attracted 2,800 exhibitors and 29,280 visitors, a third of whom were international. The meeting did not take place in 2021 due to the Govt-19 epidemic.

Valentino Rosie brilliantly

Magnie-Course arrived as cleverly as he went. No internal or external circuit contact ?! Italian Valentino Rosie May have been at Magnie-Course last weekend, perhaps to spy. A nine-time MotoGP world champion, he will begin his career on four wheels with the Belgian team WRT and will be hired on the Magnie-Course to participate in the GT World Challenge Europe from Friday, May 13 to Sunday, May 15. On the steering wheel of the Audi R8.