June 25, 2024


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Italy-England in live 6 Nations: Italians close to record but lose to English!  Follow the post match

Italy-England in live 6 Nations: Italians close to record but lose to English! Follow the post match

England, bronze medalists at the last World Cup, will be looking to confirm this progress during the 2024 6 Nations tournament, which kicks off in Italy on Saturday, February 3.

Italy 24 – 27 England

End of game and no record for Squadra Azura

Italy has two halves, two faces. A thoroughly successful first act, it suggested a record win over England. But George Ford decided otherwise in the second half. At the end of the game the Italians saved their honor.

83' Try for Italy!! πŸ‰

It was a bit silly, but Ioan, out with the ball, finds a gap on the right wing. English goes alone towards the target. Curbici turns to honor.

80' Yellow card for the Italian captain

With a series of fouls, the referee gets fed up and issues a yellow card. Both teams are 14 against 14.

76' yellow card for Daly who thought he was a football player! 🟨

After Daly's brilliant tackle on an Italian, the English would finish the game 14-15.

71' The Italians have not lost hope!

Fresh effort from Curbici in the English defence, unfortunately Idoje scratches the ball well and is awarded a penalty in the 22m.

66' George Ford gives England 3 points in a penalty

From the beginning of the second act only the Italians are affected. Back in a scrum, the locals presented George Ford with a golden opportunity. He doesn't flinch and converts the chance, 25 meters from the posts! πŸ‰

63' 7 points from La Squadra Azzurra record

Dominance is not won! Italy can still hope for a feat, one try, one try only. However, it seems complicated, the British dominate and manage.

57' Big Italian action

Montpellier player Corbisi finds a gap, he penetrates and is caught in the English 22m, but he turns for the advancing Ione. The referee blew a penalty whistle in favor of the Italians. The ball isn't on target, it goes off the poles, it's a miss. ❌

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52' Italy in pain, this is punished

England's tri squadra hurt Azura. New Punishment. 40 meters from the posts, George Ford did not flinch and gave the Englishman 3 points! πŸ‰

George Ford's try for England 47'!!!! πŸ‰

A series of rucks paid off for XV De La Rose and George Ford came through to level the ball between the posts! He changes his article.

43' Tommy Freeman's effort is close

He finds a hole in the Italian defence, he stretches out with his leg and the ball touches 5 meters from the line.

40' Half time in Rome!

17-14 Thanks to two great tries from Curbisi and Allen, Italy are on course for a potential exploit at the break against the English!

The 38' Ford is always flawless

Sale's opening half continues his flawless performance and brings his teammates within three points 17-14!

36' additional control

Trailing by the score, the English showed more control for another twenty minutes and managed to find a breakthrough in the Italian camp. After all, they cause mistakes and can close the score.

34' Italians delay

Faced with waves of English, the Italians, unwilling to expose themselves, split off to occupy.

32' Great pressure

The British are 5m from the Italian goal and push to cross the line. The Italians agree to a new punishment. Ford cut the score to 17-11.

28' Maximum Realism

It was in the waning moments that the Italians managed to score this second try. But the British had already countered by 22 m.

26' What a move

A brilliant recovery from their camp by the Italian rear who dared to pass each other and create a gap. After a final turn inside, Pin Allen comes to finish under the posts. 17-8!

Second try for Italy 26' πŸ‰

23' The English take the lead

After a good Italian start, XV de la Rose took advantage of the game and invaded the opposition camp. Italians struggle to break free.

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20' English testπŸ‰

British backs find themselves and passes in front of the defense are multiplied. Ford at the back and it was Freeman who found the gap. He replaces his friend Daly from the opposite wing. The conversion misses, 10-8.

17' Rebellion begins!

Perfect in victory, the Italians made a mistake in the center of the field and the English were stopped out wide. They finally find places in this defense.

14' First English attack

We had to wait until a quarter of an hour into the game to see the English come on and endanger the Italian 22m. The latter make a mistake and Ford cuts the score, 10-3!

11' Amazing movement

What a job from the cannon in the center of the field. The third central line breaks through the defence, corrects two defenders and makes a superb pass after connecting with the supporting Alessandro Curbisi. It's converted to Allen, 10-0!

11' Try to Italy

9' The Curbisi take the initiative

After a good win, the Italians start the game in print. And the fraternity hinges on trying things. Paolo Curpizzi attempts a diagonal kick.

7' Wrong English

Already penalized on several occasions, XV de la Rose could not start its game well and were subject to Italian pressure. It's a forward that gives possession back to the Transalpines this time, with the first scrum to follow.

5' Good Italian start

After another English error, Karbisi gets the points and opens the scoring! 3-0

3' is a good line

After a good line of defense, Corbisi tries to convert with a low grazing kick. It was rescued by the British, who averted danger.

2' Italian reply

After several periods of play, the Italians grabbed their hands and scratched the ball. Interesting publication in English 22m.

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1' to the first whistle

Italians are punished over reception. First English possession after good success in contact.

1' Let's go to Rome

Paolo Garbisi from Montpellier kicks off!

3:12 PM Paul Williams whistles

The New Zealander will be refereeing the encounter, which is under perfect conditions, bright sunshine and 17 degrees Celsius;

3:10 pm Kirtan time

The Italians and the British enter the grass of the Olympic Stadium in Rome five minutes before the start of the competition.

3:05 PM No Toulouse Capuozzo

Ange Capuozzo, who was announced as the starter on the wing, eventually had to drop out due to gastroenteritis.

3:03 PM Ellis Kenge Last minute package

The English pillar, who was due to start on the bench, had to drop out with leg pain. Beno Obano, Bath prop, took his place on the substitutes' bench. Especially after Owen Farrell and Marcus Smith, there is no new place in the England team.

3 pm. Time to exploit?

Italy have never won 30 times against England. Quezada's men will be hoping for a big win in Rome this afternoon.

2:55 PM Revenge or determination?

England will be hoping to maintain this good momentum after an encouraging World Cup 3rd place finish. But look at Italy, led by its brand new coach Gonzalo Quesada, who wants to be ambitious at the start of the tournament. The Squadra Azzurra can count on Sebastian Negri, one of its strongest men. Find out his story and his difficult childhood through this link.

2:45 pm Hello everyone

Welcome to this live stream where you can follow the first day of the 2024 6 Nations match between Italy and England.