May 22, 2024


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KJ Apa and Isabel may co-star in HBO Max's Wonder Twins - Deadline

KJ Apa and Isabel may co-star in HBO Max’s Wonder Twins – Deadline

Riverdale KJ Apa and . star 1883 an actress Isabel May I discovered the leadership roles of the alien siblings in The The Wonder TwinsAnd live work Capital comedy about HBO Max.

Apa will play Zan, and May will play Jayna.

While the plot is under wraps, Jayna is known for her talent for transforming into an animal, while Zan is a variant of sorts. Characters appeared for the first time All-new Super Friends watch From Hanna Barbera and then appeared in it The greatest super friends in the worldAnd Super Buddy And Super Friends: Legendary Superpowers Show.

Their History: Zan and Jayna from Planet Exxor are unceremoniously trained by DC’s superheroes. in 1977 Super Buddy A comic book from E. Nelson Bridwell and artist Ramona Fradon, detailing that the twins were orphaned during the plague and were adopted by alien Exorians. Along the way, they were given Glick as a pet. After learning that the evil Grax is bent on destroying Earth, they travel there to warn the Justice League. They eventually integrate into life on Earth as Swedish exchange students, attending Gotham City High School. The Wonder Twins have made cameos in other parts of the DC universe over the years, including TV shows smallville, Teen Titans Go! And Sparkle.

black Adam And frenzy Co-writer Adam Stickel makes his directorial debut on the popular DC animation IP through a script he wrote. Production is set to begin this summer in Atlanta. Marty Bowen and Wake Godfrey Temple Hill are producing.

Apa is best known for playing Archie on the CW/WBTV series Riverdale. His featured credits include movies Tweeter, hate yo, the purpose of the dog And I still believe. He was represented by UTA, Matt Luber, and Jackoway Austen Tyerman. Mai plays Elsa Dutton in Paramount + Yellowstone prequel series 1883. Includes her series credits Alexa and Katie And Young Sheldon. It is managed by the Coronel Group and attorney Patty Felker.

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