March 3, 2024


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Learn English while having fun in Turin

Learn English while having fun in Turin

Kim and Adrienne Delaney, teachers for 15 years at institutions in Touraine, parents of 4 children in 5th grade on the way, reinvent language learning at home with a fun method based on their unconventional teaching experience in national education. Building on this experience, they embarked on an ambitious plan to create a system of monthly activities to help children master English as a mother tongue.

Comment: A monthly exercise manual, delivered in PDF, accompanied by audio files recorded by a native speaker for correct pronunciation. Components for elementary school students have already been finalized, while proposals for middle and high school students will be available from the start of the school year in September.

This method requires about 3 hours per month including family workshops. The basic formula ensures tracking through Love & Learn, which provides video discussions and assessments for more personalized learning with progress throughout the year.

What do we really see in this method?

A variety of activities throughout the months: songs, outdoor games, baking workshops, suggestions for family outings, treasure hunts and art activities. Each month, children are invited to submit their creations for exciting competitions with prizes such as books or personalized water bottles. The basic price is €24.90 per month, without commitment.

So, do children really learn irregular verbs? According to Kim and Adrian Delaney, the answer is yes. Each activity ends with explanations of linguistic rules and encourages children to explore language naturally by listening to music or watching series in English. By using references familiar to youngsters, such as Peter Pan or Paddington Bear, learning becomes more fun. There are also deepening exercises to continue the adventure. A new era of learning English begins on tours with Kim and Adrian Delaney. Go to

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