March 3, 2024


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Learn & learn English in a fun way with love

Learn & learn English in a fun way with love

Kim and Adrian Delaney have taught for over fifteen years. They chose to leave teaching to devote themselves more to their families; Their children are educated at home. Kim is currently a translator and Adrian is an intern.

Their desire to combine their talents and create something led them to create Love & Learn after observing that many students struggling to learn English felt discouraged and helpless.

“To help these lost students, we need to find them and find the support to reconcile them to learn English. We want children to learn happily and take responsibility for their education. We offer an immersive and fun method so that learning can be fun”They explain.

Booklets for middle and high school students should be forthcoming

Kim and Adrian are based on three axes: TDS fun activities, caring and gaining self-confidence through personalized training that sets goals and engages the family in moments of complicity and shared joy (a schedule of thirty minutes per week is proposed).

They offer modules in the form of activity manuals and audio files for download every month from the subscriber area. Therefore, each family is free to follow them at a time and place that suits them.

Currently, the first volume for primary level is available, and the second (there will be one for each month) will arrive in February. A free downloadable extract is available to discover the method. Handbooks for middle school students will begin in March and handbooks for high school students will be ready for the start of the school year in September.

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