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MBA International Management in French-English in Lodz: Boost your career and salary

MBA International Management in French-English in Lodz: Boost your career and salary

Is a Franco-Polish MBA from Lads the key to accessing executive positions?

Yes, feel free to declare Kamil Rudovich Thanks to MBA, now holds the post “Team Leader Services” : ” A month after receiving my diploma, my company started recruiting for a manager position. As an operations specialist, I applied with three candidates. I only studied MBA and French-Polish, which increased my chances of success and gave me a lot of confidence throughout the recruitment process. It has been more than a year since I held a management position in a prestigious international company in the medical field.. » Opportunity Kamil Rudovich To recall it:

“Poland is an attractive country for multinational companies and businesses operating in a French-speaking environment. Knowledge of the French language increases the chances of finding a good job. » Kamil Rudovich

Shared opinion Eva Weimer : ” In many cases, an MBA is required or strongly preferred by employers when recruiting for management positions. For those who want to start their own business, This MBA Can provide essential knowledge in entrepreneurship, financial management and business strategy. “. He adds that a double degree is a valuable experience for those who plan to work in multinational companies or for those who want to expand their business in the two labor markets of Poland and France.

MBA in Management in French and English Want to increase your salary?

Yes, the answer is Roland Diasacola, Responsible for sales within Conduent PolandWith a double degree in French and English, she managed to make her profile more attractive.

Especially nowadays, when outsourcing the company's services or products to Poland, speaking fluent French helps to increase your profile and your salary. “. Roland Diasacola

Another significant point is highlighted Roland Diasacola : ” MBA offers quality teaching with experienced faculty, but above all at a very affordable price ! »

For students dreaming of mobility, English-speaking countries are preferred choices, as the most sought-after French-speaking candidates include the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.
💡 In terms of salary, Canada, Austria and Italy offer the best wages for French speakers.

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💡 An analysis of the salaries of speakers of different foreign languages ​​in Poland was carried out based on a national survey: Ogólnopolskiego Badania Wynagrodzeń – OBW, carried out in 2022, thanks to the participation of more than 100,000 people.

💡 Specifically, we learn ” According to OBW, advanced English speakers can expect higher salaries in fields such as telecommunications, banking, insurance and information technology. The average salary in these fields ranges from 9,500 to 10,000 PLN. »

💡 When advanced English speakers add advanced French to their language skills:
– 25% earn less than 6,933 zł;
– Average value is 9,000 zł;
– 25% earn more than 13,190 zł.
or higher gains than an advanced English-Spanish linguistic pair, respectively Setlock & Setlock: National Salary Survey 2022

Source: Salaries of people with different foreign language skills in 2022 – wynagrodzenia.pl

Only English is essential Access the preferred positions in the company and build your professional career, but above all, it is the need of the day. Eva Weiner is a lawyer for a pet store chainArgues that combining English with mastery of French. This is an asset in the Polish labor market, especially in areas where contact with French-speaking customers, partners or employees is required, as are companies with French roots that are part of French companies or maintain business relationships. with French partners. »

Agatha Kusch Confirms:

During a job interview, it already occurred to me that my French MBA diploma was enough for my potential employer to attest to my skills in French and management without much verification.. » Agatha Kusch

Also, the whole Polish territory and the Lodz Basin, in particular, have many French companies, which offers a large number of opportunities.

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Graduation ceremony, MBA International Management in French-English in Lodz

What is the added value of the Lodz MBA in Management in French and English?

to Janusz Kruszelnicki worked in the Polish subsidiary of a large French company in the IT sector.It is undoubtedly linked to theory, practice, as well as excellent communication: ” while studying MBA organized by Lodz University and IAE LyonParticipants not only learn business theory but also face real organizational problems. » The human aspect is also a plus: ” Interacting with professors and peers from different disciplines and cultures enables the exchange of experiences and perspectives, which is a valuable asset for developing problem-solving and decision-making skills.. »

One of the major components of these MBA courses is adding Janusz Kruzelnicki:

These are case studies, allowing the analysis of specific types of business situations and the search for innovative solutions; An excellent opportunity to master critical thinking, negotiation and effective communication skills. » Janusz Kruzelnicki

Natalia Svidrak works in Human Resources as a Learning Services Specialist in FranceFor its part this MBA will recommend:

Its academic quality, its international character that expands professional horizons, and networking opportunities that enrich the student experience while facilitating integration into the professional world. “. Natalia Svidrak

such as Eva Weiner, a lawyer for a pet store chain, The strong points of the Franco-Polish MBA can be summed up as “ Focuses on various aspects of management like finance, marketing, operations, human resources.. », allows you to develop all the skills necessary to effectively manage an organization. He notes that the program places particular emphasis on

In the development of leadership and management skills, it is important for aspirants of management positions. » Eva Weiner

Agatha Kusch Concludes excitedly: ” Apply, you won't regret it! Recruiters will ask you questions in interviews about your education, and you'll be proud to share that you've earned this dual degree. You will also meet other students, realize that you have a common mindset, and interesting conversations will emerge. Finally, it's an investment for you and yours alone! » Added with more emotion:

“The camaraderie between students that is fostered within this international group really goes beyond the course. The whole environment is very inspiring “because you are surrounded by ambitious and talented people. » Agatha Kusch

Post MBA: What Positions Are Alumni Holding Today?

  • Kamil Rudovich : ” I hold the position of “Service Team Lead” – Manager in a prestigious international company in the medical field. »
  • Agatha Kusch : “ I manage the Spanish and Dutch team at Alorica in Lodz. »
  • Janusz Kruzelnicki : ” I am currently the Global Service Delivery Manager for the Paris2024 (Olympic Games) account at EVIDEN. »
  • Roland Diasacola : ” I am responsible for sales at Conduent Poland. »
  • Eva Weiner: I am the lawyer (radca prawny) of the Kakadu pet store chain (kakadu sieć sklepów zoologiczcz). »
  • Natalia Svidrak : ” I work in HR as a Learning Services Specialist in France. I am responsible for providing technical training for Schneider Electric employees in France. My tasks: planning, organization, logistics of sessions, maintaining relationships with suppliers and internal and external trainers, close collaboration with stakeholders, HRBP and local managers, preparing reports and analyzes related to the learning process, etc. »
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2024/2025 recruitment is ongoing and you are invited to apply By accessing the form. Access to Phase 1 till May 15, 2024, seats are limited.


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