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New environment – Makes learning English easier in my English school dijon

New environment – Makes learning English easier in my English school dijon

Do you speak english Simple question, but it often gets stuck in the first answer. To be equally simple in the language of Shakespeare and in the language of Moliere, My English school Now Dijon flies to your rescue. Lyonise opened a training center on June 13 in Place Grange. It has already made five records after one week and aims to reach 320 in a year. Its training classes are eligible for personal training account funding and violate the codes of traditional English teaching in France. Interview with Julian Gillette, Principal of My English School.

Deborah (left) and Julie Gillette (right), managers of “My English School” © Radio France
Christoph Turn

My English school opened in Dijon just before the bac exams. Are you talking to students or is that not your goal?

Students are also our target, especially those who are ready for their TOEIC (English test for international communication).

“My English School” is a training center centered on in-depth experience. What does this mean?

This means that we encourage people to come to our face-to-face centers, however we offer online offer so that they really enjoy speaking English, training with our own and certified and above all interested trainers. . The idea is to have small living rooms, sofas, with our coaches and be very relaxed. In fact, the purpose is to practice, to speak English with small groups, to practice the same level, especially with the coach, with accents.

Which audience are you targeting exactly?

Our audience is really very large. It ranges from students to retirees. We really have everything. This is also interesting. There is really an exchange between all generations and all social status. Our system has been developed by scientists, teachers and trainers with a really effective, results-oriented approach.

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Live the sober and friendly way of learning English that my English school offers
Live the sober and friendly way of learning English that my English school offers
My English school

Are we zero in France when it comes to English?

The purpose is to break down the codes of school English. We all remember our lessons. When studying in school, a lot of pressing, writing. Our method is actually oral based. So, no longer “Brian is in the kitchen”. The idea is to come and have fun while having fun with colleagues, friends at the center, coaches and everyone.

My English school is a beautiful story that started ten years ago in Italy and then four years ago in Lyon. Was there a Govt who changed the situation a bit then?

My English school was originally an Italian group, it was set up in France, so in 2018, we worked there. During the health crisis, in fact, there were some accidents. This gave us the opportunity to buy the company in France and now our goal is to really develop in our beautiful country and open in other cities.

It has been working since you opened it in Dijon now. Why Dijon?

I studied in Dijon so I know the city well and I like it very much. Apparently, we did some research and we thought it was a really good market.

How much does a tutorial cost? How does it happen?

For our training classes, there are actually all prices. It can range from 500 to 3,000. It is difficult to give you a reasonable price because we do what we really need to do. According to the objectives of our trainers, we actually offer à la carte training.

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Are there small extra events you offer?

Yes, every week. This is a happy time, fast dating in English. We are approaching the World Cup, so we are coming to watch the matches and present it all in English. Of course, the goal is to practice what we have learned during the lesson. “My English School” offers an introductory offer of 1 euro per month for those interested in learning more, and should try out this method.

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My English school has about thirty staff in Lyon and four staff in Dijon. It has a sales target of 480,000 euros a year and plans to set up in other cities such as Bordeaux and Clermont Ferrand, depending on the results recorded on Dijon.

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