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Researchers have unearthed the remains of a medieval English castle under a mysterious mound

Researchers have unearthed the remains of a medieval English castle under a mysterious mound

For decades, a mysterious mound located in Golden Hall, an English mansion in Shropshire, has raised questions from its owners, recently calling on archaeologists to unravel the mystery. What they saw was more than they expected because this ridge hides the remnants of a medieval castle.

An interesting discovery

Said Tim Ashton, current owner of Golden Hall BBC News His family will always be amazed at this mound. “My grandfather was born in the 1920s and always wondered what it was.”, He mentions.

It is in 2021 and thanks to the archaeological company Dikventures their questions will finally be answered. Archaeologists have unearthed the ruins of a medieval castle. During their research, they also discovered trinkets and artifacts left behind by religious pilgrims.

Director of Excavations, Not JacksonTold BBC News: “We saw what we thought might be a fort under the mound () This is very exciting. ” The recently discovered fort may have been built between the 13th and 15th centuries.

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History of Solden Hall

According to the National Archives of England, the Golden Hall Estate is the site of ancestral history, having been officially inhabited by members of the British elite in 1086. It first appeared in the book Domstay at least in 1086, which contains a detailed study of various properties throughout England. This cargo was carried out at the initiative of William the Conger, who seized control of the country during the 1066 Norman conquest.

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However, Lee Witcherch Herald (Local newspaper) This domain suggests “Traces of Human Migration Are Thousands of Years Ago”. In fact, the archeological research already carried out in Solton’s field was brought to light “New Stone Age Fragments of Teak Stones 5,500 Years Ago”, Report Website Of the mansion.

Today, a brick mansion called the Golden Hall has been dedicated to entertainment since the 1600s. You can also find a hotel there.

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Christian artefacts are also found on the site

Students from the University of Cardiff and Dikventures experts helped analyze a sandstone wall and submerged pieces of wood.

Recent excavations have also made it possible to excavate artifacts belonging to Christians. Here we think of a small crucifix with the image of Jesus Christ crucified on it, the badge of a traveler from the Middle Ages. All these little objects were worn by Christian pilgrims when they went to places considered sacred by the Catholic Church.

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Ancient pottery and a flat bulb were also found. The ampoule is a container designed like a Roman jug that can be used to carry water or oil. It undoubtedly belongs to the pilgrim who carries the holy oil. The Adventures, in a Facebook post, commented: “We think so [l’ampoule] Dates from the 1300s, you can see the crusade armor on it when you look closely. We wonder whose it is … “

Cow DigVentures / Facebook.com