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Rock, Cider and Andlets: Normandy’s fun idea to seduce English tourists

Rock, Cider and Andlets: Normandy’s fun idea to seduce English tourists

Through an unprecedented process based on local products, the Normandy region will try to seduce British tourists. (© Illustration / Adobe Stock)

This is a fact: Govt and Brexit are not ideal English Tourism in Normandy In these last months. So, in the summer of 2022, to regain the British tourism market, it is now a question of whether Normandy tourism, Normandy attraction and the Normandy region will be relaunched in this region.

A “bold” idea

So an idea sprouted, “Brave, very surprising”, Mary-Agnes Bouzier-Winsbach, Vice President Normandy area. In fact, he supports Ben Collier, the head of the English – speaking marketplace in Normandy Travels and in charge of this file. Normandy Food Tourism Is a single operation.

To be sure, four days from April 29 to May 2 (extended weekend across the channel) will be in question. Four English cities Under surgical anesthesia. Purpose: The English want to come back and spend time in our beautiful area… We eat and drink well.


Later, Michael Dots, general manager of Normandy Attractive, explains naughtily that the 35-strong procession will pass through these cities for a “friendly invasion”. This delegation includes:

  • A mobile kitchen, in which two Norman chefs alternately make Norman recipes (and flavors);
  • Three Norman food trucks: the Normandy Truck 76 and its undoilet burgers, the caravan and its Prios (modern Prioch born in Normandy) and the fish truck Normandy Cranville;
  • Partner stands: Rockner, Chassis and Double Juice;
  • Offers 100% Norman Bar and Norman Kirs and other Calvados made in an old Citroen van;
  • Carbonoma, a solar-powered music bus, will be performing here every evening with the Norman Group for the Hackers because we have rock at home.
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The total area of ​​this small traveling medieval village is 500 square meters. It will be established in Hastings (report to William the Conqueror) on April 29, in Windsor on April 30, in Norwich on May 1 and in Canterbury on May 2 (these last three cities were chosen as a castle dormitory, i.e. Cathedral of Norman descent).

Cost of operation: 250,000 euros

An enchanting work with sitterlings and cider, which costs ,000 250,000, attests to the low-budget, Mary-Agnes Bouzier-Winsbacks compared to some communication campaigns. And who will come back? “Let’s see, let’s take account …”

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