June 22, 2024


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English exam cancellation at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Medical School: Administration apologizes to students

English exam cancellation at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Medical School: Administration apologizes to students

The Medical Faculty of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines recognizes “the great role of responsibility” In canceling English exams This triggers an air of anger on UFR Simon-Weil’s benches. In an email to students, he apologized for the “technical problem and the inconvenience caused”.

On Thursday morning, as they completed their areas of admission to a major university year, about 700 students enrolled in the first year of medicine learned that the English exam they had worked on the previous day was invalid.

At the end of the exam, which was presented in the form of a multiple choice question paper (MCQ), the administration found that a limited number of applicants had used the “translation” function available on digital tablets available at the university.

All tablets will be reset

“In an emergency, we approved the use of translation to readjust the selection immediately, but we found that this functionality is not available on all tablets,” explained Loïc Josseran, deputy dean of the Simone-Weil UFR, this Friday.

Teachers who faced “absolute need to provide reasonable exams” chose to cancel the exam. Students must pick up again on May 10th.

According to our information, this “technical problem” would have been reported to the school service “several weeks before the exam”. “That’s what I learned yesterday, I recognize the sub-dean, but by the time the students came forward, I was not informed. Otherwise, we would have reacted earlier. ⁇

For the new exam, the deputy dean promises that all students will “stay in the same boat, without access to translation”. “This time, we’re re-parameterizing all the tablets, he promises. We could not have done it in a hurry.”

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“Some succumbed to the temptation: they were deceived into giving them pills that allowed them to translate,” one student’s mother complained. As a high school teacher and “usually looking for bachelorette exams”, she does not leave.

“They took advantage of a flaw in the system”

“Students who train for college have been warned for a long time that administering this test is unacceptable. Kids work like donkeys all year round, they adhere to adrenaline levels, and are asked to take a test again because a system has failed. This is insulting.”

“I agree that it is difficult to criticize these students, Vice-Dean Loïc Josseran agrees. They took advantage of the flaw in the system. Please did.

Then, this test conducted by remote was also canceled. Students should pick it up again in July. This time face to face. “In January, these students had arranged themselves upstream: there was a genuine desire to cheat, the under-teen underscores. This is not the case for the English exam, which was canceled this week.”