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Dorn.  The English couple are selling for 1.6 million euros for the magnificent castle they have completely renovated.

Dorn. The English couple are selling for 1.6 million euros for the magnificent castle they have completely renovated.

It is with great sadness that Alison Ward and her husband Paul Hunter will soon be saying goodbye to the Prometheus garden in Lautrec (Dorn). The property was sold in March 2022 for 1.6 million. When the British couple bought it in 2006, the fort, one of the most popular in the department, was in a very bad condition. Fifteen years on, both lovers of old stones have deeply renovated an 11th-century building to restore its chandelier. Previous year.

“Everything collapsed and everything had to be redone. But there were still pieces of the puzzle that really needed to be put together., Alison Ward tells us. In order to fund their baronic work, the couple turned the place into a tourist and festival place. As the renovations progressed, the Primaordord’s domain provided special guest rooms, guided tours, and a particularly welcoming venue for weddings.

“We have never met such good people.”

Two Englishmen, aged 55 and 65, devoted immense energy and money to the revival of the fort. “Our goal was to go back another 1,000 years and fill those places with joy. ⁇ For this, they were able to trust the artisans of the region. Many professionals, such as those who live in Lodreck, have their hands full, constantly helping to move the project forward with their time.

“We are very grateful to the people of Latrek and the area around itAlison Ward testifies passionately. We have lived and worked in the UK, Canada, Australia and Asia, but we have never met such loving and helpful people. ⁇ The couple is very attached to the village and they hope to find a small house there after selling the fort.

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Lazy decision

However, this was not what the two Englishmen had initially planned. “We wanted to live in the castle until the end of our days, but the epidemic decided otherwise”Birmingham (United Kingdom) regrets the country. The health crisis is linked to the corona virus It really prevents the nobility from continuing to welcome visitors, customers and festivals.

In addition, it is necessary to repay the deposit paid by the future bride and groom, the money has already been spent on work. Some of the chefs, pastry chefs and florists who worked for the owners have changed professions. Brexit Allison Ward and Paul Hunter came to thwart the operation because most of their clients came from the UK. It was then reluctantly taken but the decision to sell the fort was imposed.

Immortal memory

With its 14 rooms, its area of ​​663 m2 and its vast landscape, the property has everything attractive. It was also the family property of Lotrek’s Viscounts, a distant cousin of Henry de Toulouse-Lotrek. Noted News Occitania. Alison Ward says a deal was recently reached with the buyer. However, the sale is not over yet. The news of the Brametourte domain marketing, which was officially released on Facebook in mid-March, came as a surprise and bewilderment to the residents of Lautrec.

“It simply came to our notice then. V.S.It was hard. ⁇ Paul Hunter, Allison Ward, an engineer and human resources expert by training, is fully focused on sales and has not yet thought about what’s next. “I will never forget the discovery of the castle and the energy it gave me five centuries after it was abandoned.The future ex-saddle slips. He was a great inspiration to me and allowed me to learn the French language and meet great people. ⁇