June 28, 2022


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SailGP. The Australians won before the British in Bermuda, which was great for the French

In Bermuda Princess Hamilton, Season 3 presents Bermuda Sylvester Race Day 2 with the Australian SeilGP team, the Canada SeilGP team, the New Zealand Scillop team, the Great Britain Scillop team and the France Scillop team. 15 May 2022. Photo: Bob Martin for SailGP. Manual image provided by SailGP

This weekend the show was special for the first meeting of the SailGP circuit with the arrival of new teams and Frenchmen who showed great things. The Australian team won again. England are in their 2nd meeting ahead of the new Canadian team.

Season 3’s first Grand Prix ends in Bermuda with the success of the Australian boat piloted by Tom Slingsby, winner of the first two seasons. The Canadians won their first stage of the championship, beating Ben Ainsley of the United Kingdom to finish second. Led by Quentin Delapierre, the French showed good progress by signing the lead in two races on the first day. A disqualification at the start of the first race of the second day ruined their chances of reaching the final of the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix, where they finished 8th. The team paid homage to the black flag that could have been made without it. Too bad it would have allowed them to show a more glorious balance sheet. But we will retain these two 2nd places which show the ability and potential of the team. It is necessary to make concrete at the next Grand Prix.

Very compact fleet, more boats on the starting line, more people crossing courses, tactical moves on all sides, moving rankings in all directions … SeilGP’s Season 3 actually started in turquoise waters. In light winds of 12 to 14 knots in Bermuda, nine flying F50 catamarans, their 24m wings and their large wings allowed for a good view.

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The French were punished for taking too much risk

After an exciting day of playing in the lead in two of the three races played yesterday, the French started this second day taking a high risk and being forced to send the Englishmen to the starting line-up, which made them unworthy. “I was very disappointed in this first round, it was my first ‘black flag’,” said Quentin, who acknowledged that Delabier had come close to colliding. I wanted to take the risk but it never happened. I’m so glad Ben (Ainsley) managed to avoid me from taking any penalty points. ⁇
In the subtle practice of maintaining flight and maximum concentration, the Dance of Nikolai Sehwest led a good part in the first race of the day (Race 4), finishing third out of two races today and finishing off the stage. At the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix. Led by Peter Burling, the New Zealanders won 4 of the races, ahead of Jordi Xamar’s Spaniards.

Learning for the France SeilGP team continues

Tom Slingsby’s Australians, prudent in yesterday’s and first races of the day – but without misrepresentation – won the last naval race and released the horses with the perfect start to secure their place in the final against Ben Ainsley’s Englishman. And Canadians led by Bill Robertson. The French, who were definitely tough because they paid too much to take their risk, fell slightly behind in this fifth start, battling with the New Zealand players and finishing eighth with a good portion in the round. The Spaniards who bring the back. “I’m constantly learning, the tricolor driver adds. Now we’ve been looking forward to Chicago and we’re on the mission to do better. I’m happy with the team’s dynamics.

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Australians win in Bermuda!

The Australians, winners of the first two seasons of SailGP, hit hard again today at the Great Sound Nautical Stadium. After a neck-and-neck start to the final with the Canadians, Tom Slingsby and his team passed the first lesson in the lead, as if declaring color. Starting again, the British made up for the delay by playing in the right variations on the air from their rivals in the racing zone, and finished second over the Canadians in this three-way final. With no maneuvering error in their F50, they lead with disgraceful simplicity above the water, with the Australians winning the first Sail Grand Prix of this new SailGP season in Bermuda. The next meeting of the Navy of the nine high-speed F50 Catamarans on June 18 and 19 in Chicago for the United States Sail Grand Prix.

Sail Grand Prix Bermuda Classifications

1- Australia / Tom Slingsby / 38 points
2- Great Britain / Ben Ainsley / 36 points
3- Canada / Bill Robertson / 35 points
4- Denmark / Nikolai Sehstet / 31 points
5- United States / Jimmy Spittle / 30 points
6- New Zealand / Peter Burling / 29 points
7- Spain / Jordi Somer / 25 points
8- France / Quentin Delapier / 23 points
9- Switzerland / Sebastien Schneider / 21 points

Race 4
1- New Zealand / Peter Burling / 10 points
2- Spain / Jordi Somer / 9 points
3- Denmark / Nikolai Sehstet / 8 points
4- Australia / Tom Slingsby / 7 points
5- Great Britain / Ben Ainsley / 6 points
6- United States / Jimmy Spittle / 5 points
7- Canada / Bill Robertson / 4 points
8- Switzerland / Sebastien Schneider / 3 points
9- France / Quentin Telapier / 0 points (DSQ)

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1- Australia / Tom Slingsby / 10 points
2- United States / Jimmy Spittle / 9 points
3- Denmark / Nikolai Sehstet / 8 points
4- Great Britain / Ben Ainsley / 7 points
5- Canada / Bill Robertson / 6 points
6- Switzerland / Sebastien Schneider / 5 points
7- New Zealand / Peter Burling / 4 points
8- France / Quentin Telapier / 3 points
9- Spain / Jordi Somer / 2 points