June 25, 2024


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Streaming is crushing the UK video market

The home entertainment market in 2021 increased by 13.3% to close at 3. 3.75 billion (equivalent to 4.5 4.5 billion). Despite some blockbusters being released in theaters, the British market is showing good growth, especially thanks to the dynamic SVOD market. We are far from a 38% increase in 2020, which allowed market revenues to reach 3. 3.28 billion.

United Kingdom, SVOD Champions

This is not surprising, as our British neighbors like SVOD, and this is shown in the 2021 figures. SVOD will reach 3. 3.17 billion in revenue compared to 2. 2.45 billion in 2020, allowing SVOD to secure almost 85% of the total market. According to Kantar statistics, the growth of SVOD subscriptions is expected to slow to 27% year-on-year in 2021, but declines from a peak of 44% in 2020. Of the 27 million UK households, 16 million households have at least one SVOD account, the average number of subscriptions remaining by 2020 with 2.3 services per household.

TVOD and EST were affected

Unlike SVOD, TVOD and EST are more sensitive to theatrical releases. Since 2021 is a mixed year, we should not expect records to fall. TVOD is 3. 120 million down 3.2% market share, down 37 37 million a year. EST was 5.7% of the market and was 21 210 million against 2 302 million in 2020. EST ended the year with 17.7 million transactions and TVOD 27 million leases in the first 9 months of the year. BASE claims that Wonder Woman 84 topped the charts from January to September following its PVOD release in January. BASE also notes that in 2021 48 titles were published on PVOD and EST premiums.

Physics market in the dark

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According to the official charts company, 21 million DVDs and Blu-rays will be sold in 2021. This figure should be compared to the 34.1 million body sales made in 2020, which can be explained by the lack of low pictures. Theatrical closures, but the physical entertainment industry is a testament to the continued shift to online entertainment. The DVD market is 6.3% and weighs 0 240 million (up from 356 million in 2020) and 17 11 million against 17 17 million in 2020.

New streaming equation

Streaming has caught on with British homes, accounting for 93.3% of home entertainment revenue. BASE writes in its annual press release: “Screen-to-screen entertainment is a new phenomenon in which many forms of the small screen are triggered by a partnership supported by the big screen experience, and the oxygen is the same for both: the love of the audience and their entertainment. “

Thanks 007

With 1.15 million units sold in DVD, Blu-ray and DVD format, “No Time to Die” became the best-selling Home Entertainment title of 2021 in the last two weeks of the year.