June 18, 2024


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The commander of an English submarine angers the families of the sailors

The families of the victims were eagerly awaiting his trial Flue wind. Surprisingly, it turned out to be bland and didn’t bring anything
Case examined by the High Court of London A week. Andrew Coles maintained his version on Tuesday. No, the Turmoil, The submarine he then commanded was not in the area where the Bretton trawler was fishing just before sinking in 37 seconds. “We were not involved. We were stopped at Davenport [sud-ouest de l’Angleterre] January 15, 2004, ”he said.

These 37 seconds are an unusually short time for such a shipwreck. The basis of the beliefs of the affected families. Since the death of five sailors, the latter estimates that only one submarine could have towed the tugboat, crushed the hull under pressure, and pulled it down in a short time. To date, only three of the sailors’ five bodies have been found. These recent statements by the commander angered the families of the sailors.

According to a former member of the British Royal Navy, The Turmoil Was scheduled to participate in NATO exercises scheduled for January 16 in the region, but was unable to do so due to damage. The submarine, which had been suspended for maintenance since last November, did not begin its voyage until January 19. Families prefer satellite imagery to support this testimony,
A French player competed It was on another submarine. At the conclusion of the British High Court hearing, this testimony was seriously questioned by the families of the victims. “It does not like water. There are many elements that have not yet been clarified,” lamented Thierry Lemdeier, the victim’s son. “This is where we see justice not moving forward.”

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“It was not today that he chose to make peace with his conscience.”

“Today is not the moment of truth,” his lawyer, Dominic Trikat, denounced. “It was not today that he chose to make peace with his conscience,” he added of Commander Coles: “The truth is, Flue wind Being submerged by a submarine is a guarantee for all serious people.

At the end of the trial, the former commander shook hands with Thierry Lemaேயtre and said he was “sorry” and hoped he would find “answers”. On Tuesday, two senior Royal Navy officers promised Turmoil Stopped on the day of the sinking.

Supporting official communications, one of them, Commander Daniel Simmonds, the Navy’s underwater operations officer, reiterated that only three submarines were at sea. Flue wind Immersed (German U22, Dutch Dolphin And British Torpe), And nothing in the immediate vicinity. He also ruled that it was “unthinkable” that a joint military submarine might not have identified its presence in the zone reserved for NATO exercises. Nevertheless, there were several rescue workers at the scene of the sinking
He noted that there was a submarine near the scene of the tragedy. Elections will continue in London until October 22.