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What is a compulsory English certificate?

This measure, formalized Order n ° 2020-398 April 3, 2020 and theOrder of April 3, 2020, Aims to improve students’ language skills to promote their professional integration. The test evaluates the level of English, so you can not fail!
Pascal Mevellec, Director of PeopleSert of France & Benelux, World Leader in Professional Skills Assessment and Certification.

Pascal Mevillek is the director of Peopleshirt in France and Penelox

What are the challenges and objectives of this certification?

“The purpose of the assessment in question is a Test for the whole academic world. The Universities Must position themselves in the examination of an internationally recognized certificate, which allows them to test the size of their students License, Professional license And But. Participation is essential and every university sometimes has to test a large number of students.
In my opinion, 3 components are required: a trusted and accredited certification, a company / service provider capable of managing tens of thousands of candidates in a matter of weeks if needed, and above all the opportunity for universities to freely choose their mode. Will operate.
For the first point, all the certificates issued are aligned with European structure for languages Includes (CEFR) and LTE (English language test) test 6 levels A1 to C2. It is a certification that provides the best quality standards that respect the most needed development processes.
In the second phase, Peoplesert passed more than that 6 million certificates to date in 200 countries. Late to enter the very specific French market, success came very quickly from the “most demanding principals”. We won the call for tenders from the Home Office for exams for immigrant visas from around the world.
Third, we are the only company that owns the following 3 operating modes: Paper Tested in the Classroom, Tested in PC format or Tested online via its own secure site. Thanks to the staff for this Peoplesert fully manages the relationship with students and oversees their selection. In this case, the university is completely free of organizational and logistical complexities (monitoring, planning, etc.).

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How is the evaluation organized?

“At this point The university makes its choice : Classroom tests, testing in PC or paper format. Or a test that is completely monitored online. He chooses his dates and rating periods. If it chooses the OLP (Online Remote Tracking) format, we will control the entire administration and there is no need to set an exact date, just enough time! For example, if students have to take the exam between January 1 and March 1, we send them a personal invitation directly to register on the date they want to be checked in dozens … no conflict of interest. Agenda, no. Organizational Concerns … The university will have real-time access to student results Access the data transfer platform …
With regard to training, universities express a clear need: the task of English teachers is not to spend many hours on the exam and its structure, but rather to focus on skills. That’s why we make the preparation tools available online for free to students who are ready and committed, as they have already done a test sample… ”

You talk about improving your operations in this market: How does it work?

“I cut by growing my teeth Test TOEIC In more than 60 countries … and realize what customers are missing today when needs change. The concept of service is now a prerequisite. The results must be submitted within a few days, a candidate can register for a session online after a few days, and the certificate he receives will be valid for life. There should not be this belief that a certificate is only valid for 2 years: if the certificate submitted to him is a few years old, in our opinion it is up to the person to decide whether the certificate is required or not. Would it really be useful for undergraduate students to pass a 2 year valid exam and take it again when their language level is probably increased at the end of their master’s degree? Market players need to have a very reasonable approach in this regard. “

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