July 14, 2024


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Three English clubs, two Spanish … Bruno Genecio dreams of Europe

Three English clubs, two Spanish … Bruno Genecio dreams of Europe

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A true Turkish fan was criticized during his stay at the Olympique Lyonnais, and Bruno Genecio went to see if the grass was green anywhere else, it is obvious. Hired last season after the departure of Julian Stephen, the pure-bred Leonis quickly became accustomed to Brittany, much to the chagrin of the Champions League again. After 29 league 1 days, the State Renaissance is in third place with the best attack in France, ahead of Paris Saint-Germain and its stars!

Genesio is quoted in the UK and Spain

According to the information, the programs that transform the French technician into a desirable man RMC Sports. In fact, the coach, represented by the most powerful agent Bini Jahavi, saw his name spread across Europe, even a little more. In the UK, Tottenham, Wolverhampton and Everton follow him closely, the radio explains that this applies to Real Sociedad and Valencia in Spain, and to al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia. It is not necessary that Bruno Genecio was already deported during his stay in China, something that Rennes supporters need to emphasize. It remains to be seen whether Con Roshon wants to be true or try a new adventure abroad.


State Rennes coach Bruno Genecio has attracted the attention of many teams in Europe, including Tottenham, Everton, Real Sociedad or Al Hilal. Leonis already has experience abroad, in China.

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