May 23, 2022


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Top 10 reasons to beat the English in rugby (which is always good)

At one point, in 99% of rugby matches, the eternal enemy presents itself to our brave hearts: the XV of the Rose. Although we no longer really know why it is the ancestral enemy, we have nothing to say about the “hostile Albion”. A “crisis” France and England, it won without debate. So here are 10 good reasons full of bad faith to crush the British and send all the “big brettans” back to the London hurricane quickly.

1. Because they relied on God to save Prince Charles’ mother

And made a song out of it. Even if you ask God for something, you can still do something useful.

2. The Smiths and the Beatles brought us into the UK music industry, OK, but it exported The Spice Girls

We will not forgive that either.

Forgive the lie.

We’re sorry but we do not think so, are you happy?

3. Because the drivers on the left are, basically, not very reliable

We will no longer trust Australians.

4. Because not so long ago they democratically elected Margaret Thatcher

It certainly hasn’t been better since they picked Boris Johnson.

5. Because they shook hands after they hit us and slapped us for years in the “good game”.

And with a smile, please. It’s time to tease them too and say “good game”.

7. Because we can never say “The” correctly

And we embarrassed each other with a nice little bundle in class with the teacher who repeated us. ” “Tea”. No “The”

8. Englishmen can no longer be fielded everywhere during summer vacations or skiing

In the Dordogne or Alps, if you do not speak English, it can become a problem if you do not like tea. Are we going to annoy them in Brixton? No.

9. Because on the same holidays, there will always be a drunken Englishman on the beach screaming louder than others in the middle of the night.

Rugby XV Great Britons have to pay for this.

10. Because there is always a good reason to take revenge on the British

If only for pure pleasure, there really is not so much to search for.

11. We are still hurt by Brexit

Shouldn’t have left us, we were fine together. All that left to flirt with the Americans, who would be willing to leave you if the first Chinese came from the big contract.