April 18, 2024


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What are the benefits?

English is gaining more importance as it is the first language of the business world. Learning this language by children allows them to become bilingual. But it also has many other benefits. Discover in this article some of the benefits of English lessons for children in Paris.

Why choose a school to teach English to children?

Learning a language like English is very interesting. But this is a task that can be a bit difficult for adults. On the other hand, for children, English is much easier to learn. This is easier when the lessons are taught by experts in a safe and appropriate environment. English lessons for children in Paris
Thus allow little ones to learn Shakespeare’s language in a fun and educational way. Here are some of the benefits of these schools for children.

  • Better cognitive development

English lessons for children in Paris are good for their cognitive development. In fact, children who are proficient in a second language excel at creative thinking, method recognition, and problem solving. They develop greater language awareness and also develop a complex understanding of their mother tongue.

  • Excellent academic success

Bilingual children’s brain function improves because their mind is challenged to recognize, discover and communicate in many languages. Various studies have been conducted to better determine the usefulness of English lessons for children in Paris. These studies show that children with bilingual education and speaking multiple languages ​​perform better than their monolingual counterparts. These results are most significant in subjects such as mathematics, reading and vocabulary.

Children who learn a second language have better memory and are more creative than peers who speak only one language. Research has shown that bilingual people generally remember names, directions and objects better than others. English lessons for children in Paris also affect memory development.

  • Good brain resistance
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A recent study shows that people who speak more than one language develop symptoms of dementia five years later than average. In addition, they are able to cope with high levels of brain dysfunction.

  • Increase in economic opportunities

In an interconnected world, the need for a multilingual staff has increased. The ability to run a business in more than one language is a huge advantage. Bilingual people often hold higher positions and earn better incomes than their monolingual counterparts. Choosing English lessons for children in Paris gives them all the opportunities.

  • Interculture Appreciation

Bilingual expression helps students to better appreciate cultural differences. Learners can access languages ​​through a variety of information sources. This leads them to more meaningful cultural exchanges.

  • Improvements in the administrative function of the brain

An administrative function is a command system that directs attention processes used to plan, solve problems, and perform other tasks that are mentally demanding. The Bilingual people Having taken English lessons for children in Paris, it is possible to distinguish the most relevant information. This means they can focus better and be more effective thinkers and decision makers.