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Breton Tribes (25/30): English, English … I Love You Grease-Breeze! – Breton Tribes, Season 2

English! According to a study Regional Economic Council (Cesar)They are estimated to have about 13,000 residents in the area. There are about 10,000 second homes here by members from the UK. Brittany has been attracting them for years, but where? Of course, there is Roskoff (29) and its wines and beers, its wine cellars and its beers, which the British plan. Of course, Dinard (35), has English de Breton and its Dinard Film Festival! But, not only on our shores and on the most beautiful Riviera, Armorica enchants them, British! Gouarec, M -r-de-Bretagne, Plévin, Glomel, Maël-Carhaix (22), Huelgoat (29) … Center-Bretagne, they win!

Armorigan dream on British TV

And our British had a nose! The heat wave of 2003 created a property of our Breton climate, before global warming, before the grandfather boom, the real estate boom, the glorious fame of DGV, Nantes and Rennes, the best outdoors … There was talent, they were fellow players of Mr. Blair and Miss Thatcher. As a result of their country’s late entry into the European community, where the independent movement began to rhyme with free installation, they were some of the first pioneers, and in the 1980s, took a ticket to cross the channel.

But the movement became so large in the early 2000s that in 2003, Channel 5, an English television channel, caused a stir with its flagship game “Dream Holiday Home”. First price? A Pendy! “Dream of a Holiday Home” in Glome, is British in the center of Armorica. The host of the show, the very famous Carol Smiley, with a 25 year television career, spoke seriously about Trekornon (the village in the glome)! Sacred Advertising for Central Britain!

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Center-Bretten, it won them over!

So, we saw the British landing! Many were mesmerized by the revived old stones. Don’t lie: In response to the rise in real estate prices in some villages, we heard some soft moans sometimes called “roast beef”. There was even a bite of teeth because our English didn’t always call for artisans! Update System D. But these relations were normalized, especially in central Britain when the emigration made it possible to renovate villages and maintain public services, even schools with these newcomers.

Who are they anyway? Retirees, but not only. Here, our British have also opened small pubs, tea rooms or landed in real estate, construction … Some of the customer relations, two or three bones, others give English lessons in the evening, we may even meet one or two bad academics. One of them, Alison Wall, Related to the preparation of a page in English in Le Bohr, the weekly center of Britain. A family (22) from Cornwall introduced its small monthly newspaper to the attention of the community, creating the happy days of most of its athletic members Mike Bensons, Robert Randall and associate, Union Cycle de Corheix or Club Playwright cyclist.

Football while walking

But the king of the English game is their inventor: football! Sometimes, even if they have an amazing workout once they get here. For example Zilfiak (56) Jeffrey and Sheilac Smith call their local friends “Walking Football”, Walking! So British! “On the ground, we speak French, English and Breton at the same time,” laughs the thin band that adopted this central British.

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A Grease Breeze formed by an association to welcome English tribes: AIKB, Greece Breeze Coordinating Association. Maggie Fee, Permanent who assists their administrative procedures, says: 2021 saw no decline in activity: with Brexit, “the British wanted to move firmly in one direction or another, were in large numbers”. Definitely, with these Englishmen and their Brexit, in Britain too, there is bread on the channel!