June 16, 2024


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Will we learn French better in Egypt sooner than in France?

Will we learn French better in Egypt sooner than in France?

Emmanuel Macron says he wants to give the French language back its place and its role in the world, but he is not worried about its teaching in France. He cares so much for the English language, the language of the market, that one wonders whether he would not happily do without his own language. He adapts well to the fact that English is the official language of the European Union, sprinkling his words in English and, on rare occasions, demonstrating his mastery of English. The situation is different in Egypt, which is an example.

Egyptian Minister of Education, Reda Hégazi has launched a project Funded by the French Development Agency (AFD), in collaboration with France’s Education International (FEI), the Canopé Network and the French Institute of Egypt (IFE). Named The TrèFLE project, which trains inspectors and teachers, with the aim of increasing the number of students learning French as a living language 2. It should be noted that today, already, more than three million students are learning French in more than 5,000 schools in Egypt. There is no question in selling this teaching: the law of demand. “It is a project that reflects the deep ties between our two countries.”Reda Hégazi declares that he seems more energetic than our Bob Ndiaye.

In Egyptian public colleges, French is a compulsory subject from the first year of college, definitely good news! This move will make it possible to maintain cultural and civilizational ties between the people of the two countries. When economic interest and cultural interest join, we can be happy. There should be no nostalgia for the days when French was the language of culture, exchanges and diplomacy in Europe and the world. Yet it is essential that the French language in our country is not endangered.

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Compared to Egypt, France pales in comparison. It is impossible to teach foreign languages ​​other than English – see, for example, German, Portuguese and the Russian state – but it does not give a way to properly teach one’s own language. When looking at the small number of hours of lessons allocated to French, the low level of the majority of students and the actions of Pop Ndia to overcome this in the 6th grade.e, one may wonder whether the little Egyptians will not soon receive better training in French than in little French. Not to mention that they are protected from the excesses of inclusive writing and language.

It’s true as one man declared during his first presidential campaign“No […] Not French culture, France has a culture, it is diverse, diverse” French, like his preferred English, can only be considered a tool of communication. In December 2022, doesn’t Emmanuel Macron see himself? Made famous by the English Carpet Academy, along with his friend, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.A company without humor, its “Incessantly to promote the dominance of English in France” ?

Our leaders, like insufferable children at home, but as examples to others, are more concerned about the image and influence of the French language abroad than at home. When will they stop destroying their country’s language, culture and history? The way things are going, there is a high chance that our children will soon get a good education abroad. Because it is no secret that French high schools abroad, which do not only receive children of foreigners, get away with our teaching malpractices.