June 17, 2024


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Yordon Sale 2022: Sale breaks record with 7 lots for English trainer Ben Pauling!

Yordon Sale 2022: Sale breaks record with 7 lots for English trainer Ben Pauling!

With its unique concept in its 4th edition, Yorton Sale 2022 has further increased its revenue over the previous edition, which was already a record. The setting, a relaxed atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else and especially new buyers contribute to this growing success. Young English coach Ben Balling distinguished himself with 7 buys for the highflyer team, including a top price of £90,000.

The Yard Sale, 2022 Vintage Vintage! (Photo by Sarah Farnsworth)

Launched in 2019 with the innovative idea of David Futter, ie the sale of 2-year-old jumpers on video before the Yorton Sale attracted unanimous support. David Footer, a great fan of France, made a lot of purchases again this year, David Footer succeeded in popularizing a concept that is really capable of satisfying pinhookers, who can resell the horses a year later, English trainers and Irish. A new program for young couriers and French trainers rather than blind sales where cubs are already “late”.


Find a preview of the sale with Bernard Condren (Goffs Uk) and Arnaud Poirier

So, in its 4th edition, the Yorden Sale promises to raise the bids even higher and record record returns with consistent sales despite some no-shows. New buyers have appeared around the ring, such as the Irish Joey Logan or the English trainer Ben Pauling. Former Assistant Nikki Henderson, Started on his own since 2013, this trainer is going strong with 7 lots purchased in conjunction with Highflyer Bloodstock. David Minton, Tessa GreatrexWhere Anthony Bromley. If David Futter and his team are anything to go by, this is a testament to the faith.

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English trainer Ben Pauling, buyer of 7 places with the Highflyer Bloodstock Group, represented here by Tessa Greatrex (photo by Sarah Farnsworth)

Consult all the results by clicking here

This team got a remarkably good price, a wonderful daughter Blue Brazil Daughter of 2 black type winners, £90,000. The other 2 major gifts are credited to a son Protector Found in Germany by David Footer and resold for £55,000, also a sculpted son The Gray GatsbyCatching the eye of foreigners with his immense size, even if the “cheapest buyers” were the French… the top stallion of the sale, Blue Brazil, was the second highest, at £68,000. Tom Malone For the former star jockey Franny Woods. Of course, Joey Logan 2 Blue Bresil and Only Son did not leave empty-handed from his first visit to Yordon with 3 places.Estejo Bought at list, £36,000. This is part of the French acquisition by David Footer to expand his offering in Jordan sales. Note that these horses purchased for Alan Hart will go to Gabriel Leenders.

Lot 29, a daughter of Blue Brazil £90,000 (Photo Sarah Farnsworth)

French buyers have always been fans of the Jordan sale concept, especially Gabriel LeandersThanks to the first winner of the sale Paros. This year she purchased 2 foals from the stallion at home Peter’s Moon for £16,000 each, including a partnership Joffret HughD. Hugo Merrien He was very serious about signing the vouchers for the two daughtersArico Including a daughter-in-law, is on the list surname, But also for a man Shirocco. An Englishman living in France, Sue Bramal Will bring his 4 purchases back to our training grounds! That’s enough to sustain Yordon Sale’s impressive streak of over 70% hitters per runner…which certainly isn’t likely to stand.

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Hugo Merienne is one of the most active Frenchmen in sales

Big Boss David Futter

George Stanners (right), a former Goffs employee at Yarden, found the timing of the sale today. That’s what Henry Beebe likes…

Lester Futter

Bleihan Bros

Tom Malone

Lot 11 sold for £55,000 to Ben Pauling, a conservator’s son

Michael Stanners buys for Sue Brammall

Franny Wood under her hat, former jockey and 2nd best price buyer of the day