May 16, 2022


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Bagh 2022: Special English (Languages, Literature and Foreign Cultures)

Bac’s reform initiated by Jean-Michel Blanquer is based on more continuous control and fewer final tests. At the end of the terminal year there are only philosophy and 2 special tests. These specialties represent the largest part of the exam, which weighs 32% of the final score.

Here is the title of the English Bac 2022

Title Bach 2022 spe English – Thursday, May 12

When: Thursday, May 12, 2022

Hours: 2pm to 6pm.


The title is related to the theme “Discussions of Art and Concepts”.

Part 1. Package in English (16 points)

Familiarize yourself with the theme above and the documentation created by documents A, B and C and respond in English to the following instructions (500 words


By paying particular attention to the specifics of the three documents, they show how they relate to illustrate the impact of popular culture in society.

Part 2. French translation (4 points)

Translate the following passage from document A into French (lines 5 to 11):

The previous weekend, I was looking at the magazines in the local barber shop and waiting for a haircut when I came across a photo of the strangest man I had ever seen. Everything about him seemed extraordinary: his clothes, his hair, even the way he stood. Compared to the people you can see outside the barber shop window behind the northwestern London suburbs, he may have been bright green with antennas sticking out of his forehead.

The full title is here: